Our warmest tights to date! Wear testers say they feel like a thick, warm glove for your legs. Made from the same jacket-weight Polartec™ knit used in the jacket and vest, these tights are both soft, stretchy, and compressive. Two large side pockets make these tights ideal for any kind of outdoor adventure. The leg opening includes a detailed, tulip cut, and are designed to stop just above the ankle.

- nylon / polyester / spandex
- pockets at both leg side panels - fits a phone
- interior drawcord
- 25" inseam (size 4)

Customer Reviews

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See through

Bought these in setting sun. I tried them on with pale blue underwear. They were so sheer!

AH it's see-through!

These would be amazing - two pockets, great for winter running when it's cold but not cold enough to warrant your thickest pair of leggings- except for one thing that the other reviews mentioned that is unfortunately true - they are SEE THROUGH! If you bend in any way, the fabric will show your skin underneath. I'm attaching a picture where I'm bending my knees sitting on my chair to show how you can see straight through to my knees. That's not the reflection of the light or anything - that's my skin underneath. At this price point that is extremely disappointing.

Setting sun tights: See-through

Pretty freakin' disappointed that a company touting itself as by and for women athletes would sell $100 running tights that are see-through. I picked up the tights in setting sun and discovered that I cannot just throw these on; no, I will need to either be self-conscious that any dark underwear will be visible, or carefully select a nude pair of underwear. I honestly shouldn't have to even be writing this comment, because every woman knows this basic tenet: we don't want see-through tights!

Side note: I selected the color setting sun for one reason: I live in the north and it gets dark early in the winters. I want visibility in my outdoor running gear . How hard is to include reflective elements as standard operation, especially in winter gear that is made specifically for cold, dark days?

Love these!

I much prefer these to fleece lined tights for cold weather running. Sometimes fleece lined tights fit me weird in the crotch. This fit great and look great. I wear them for running and for fishing. I love the length (right at ankle). I am 5’4” / 130lbs and the size 6 fit great. Not super skin tight, but really comfy.

Cold Weather Running Essential

Note that Polartec knit does not mean that they are fleece-lined (which is what I had assumed). However, they are a very thick knit and fit like a glove. I wore them to run in 11 degrees and they were great. They are way more flexible than fleece leggings and just as warm. In fact, I would choose these over any of my multiple pairs of fleece leggings to run in. They are very flattering and stayed put.

Love these but they are see through

I've been running through the winter in New England for the last ten years and these are the warmest leggings I've ever worn and they make my butt look great. That being said, if you do any sort of contortion outside of a regular running stride, they are completely see through. However, they're so warm, I've decided to keep wearing them anyway. C'est la vie.

winter essential

I loved these from my very first run in them. Fit so well, and are very warm but not heavy. Super happy with these. Great during my 25 degree run with wind.

Great winter running tights!

Other leggings that I own will let my hips and my bum be very cold on winter mornings. These kept me warm on runs, but let a wee bit of chill in during other activities. I suspect that these work best if you order the right size and use them for running, but if you order a size too small or do activities that stretch the fibers too much, it will let in some cold and/or light. Overall, still the warmest leggings I own. And the Empire color is so beautiful!! Size 6 was great (37" hips).

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