Pocket Jogger Shorts

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The women have spoken and they want two things: pockets and multiple lengths in shorts. We're here to serve - and believe the Pocket Jogger Shorts are case in point. Made from our soft, stretchy, yet hold-you-in Nyelle™ fabric, plus all those pockets! Five pockets to be exact - three along the rear waistband (including one zip) and two on the side legs. Whether you're running, racing, or pocket jogging - these babies are ready to roll. 


• Interior drawcord
• Rear zip waist pocket
• Rear side mesh pockets
• 2 leg pockets that fit phone
• 5.25" inseam (all sizes)
• Constructed with Bluesign Approved Fabrics


• Nyelle Compression (nylon/spandex)

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At Oiselle, our vision is to help all women feel strong and free through the joy of running. Our mission is to design great product, build the sisterhood, and improve the sport. May we all experience the transformative power of sports and community.

Customer Reviews

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Love them!

I am 52, perimenopausal, 2 kids so my waist isn't as tight as it once was, but I run and hate shorts that don't fit my legs and ride up; I also cannot abide having shorts cut me in half by being too tight at the waist. These are great! I weigh 132#, 33 in waist and sz 6 fits perfectly. Comfortable all over. And all the pockets are fantastic. I'm getting more colors now.

Just okay, not as good as they used to be

I originally bought these in 2018 when training for my first marathon and LOVED them. Phone could go in any pocket and didn’t even notice it, I packed in gels, keys, even a Nathan water bottle (the small ones meant for the belt) and TOTALLY fine. Bought another pair in 2019 and there was a weird waist thing happening (it was high but kinda tight?) but fabric and most importantly pockets were comparable. My current pair, just bought this summer, has lost the waist issue (great!) so the fit is better, but the fabric is weird. My phone bounces on my leg now! It also really bounces in the back pocket! I can’t even imagine putting in a water bottle. Please Oiselle figure out these shorts!! They’re amazing in theory but you keep changing them and not for the better. I assume there’s some kind of supply chain thing happening that’s out of your control, but for the price point, please try to get them back to where they were originally.

So thick!

These shorts looked absolutely perfect for what I was looking for. I loved the side pocket, the back pocket, the length, and the color.; however, when I received them, I was shocked by their thickness. I live in hot and humid Florida, there is no way I could wear these in this climate and I think that they are more suited for women who are looking for a snug fit that keeps everything in place. I was really disappointed. In addition, the shipping was $11, and the return shipping was another $7. I wasted almost $20 on my first Oiselle order. I will stick with my dependable Lululemon which offers free shipping and free returns. from now on That was an expensive lesson.

Most comfy shorts ever

Initially I was really disappointed with the fabric. It’s thick and cottony BUT after wearing these shorts on a 25 km run I must say I’m very impressed. Zero chafing, no riding up, loads of pockets. It looks great too. I sweat a lot and often left with salty stains all over my running clothes (especially black bottoms) but this thick fabric is impressively moisture wicking - and I had zero sweat stains after a very hot, long run. So don’t be put off by the weird fabric! They amazing.