So we get a lot of requests for Lux sheets. And while this isn't quite it, we think it might be even better: your own Lux-love-blanket-scarf, ready for any outing, overnight, or travel trip. Say goodbye to frosty flights or unwelcome air conditioning, Lux is here to warm you up. What tops a lotta Lux? How about a pocket? Oh yes we did. Right on the center seam, you'll find a handy pocket with a discrete invisible zipper, big enough to hold any number of items, from ID and lip balm to a key or passport. Nap time, go time, change a baby's bottom time, it's the Lux life.

- Lux (polyester / spandex)
- hidden zip pocket
- 50" x 50"

Customer Reviews

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Perfect for everything

After my wife bought one for her mother I fell in love got one of my own. It was great when I was traveling regularly on planes in 2018 to snuggle up and fall asleep while making sure my phone and ID were safely tucked where I could quickly grab them. In 2019 it quickly became a necessary piece of gear to keep me warm at cyclocross races since it's easy to wash and quick to wrap up in post race. The pocket was also key for my keys :) ; it's just too easy to lose small stuff when you've got families and racers all huddled together trying to keep warm under a small 4 pole tent surrounded by bikes, duffle bags and growlers. In 2020 with no travel and no races it has now made it's way into my "must have" gear for belaying from the ground as long as it's not too windy (keep loose fabric away from your belay device please). Here's a horrible pic of it being used over a base layer in place of my puffy jacket while doing some ice climbing (temps were low 30's).

Perfect for travel, will now use for nursing

I also travel a lot and love having this versatile piece. It's soft, warm, can be worn hands-free through the airport/rolled up as a pillow/draped as a blanket and I like having it in my hotel room to use as a lap throw. I have also worn it into the office as a scarf when traveling for work or out to dinner, and have thrown it into my race bag to use for warmth/towel/changing wrap at the finish tent. Now that I'm expecting, I plan to use it when I'm nursing bc it's so soft and has plenty of material for draping! Can't wait to buy another now that more colors have been released.

Best travel accessory

In 2019 I traveled for work a lot and this was my favorite thing for flights, especially long haul ones. Warm, soft, and stretchy it was a million times better than germy airline blankets. It folds up pretty small for how large it is, meaning it was very convenient for my carry on.