I credit my mom for instilling in me a somewhat ridiculous appreciation for quality. Growing up, we didn’t have the money to support it, but she’d say: “Buy the best and you only cry once.” Even as a single parent, she bought gear like a mountain ninja: the one piece (puffy coat, sleeping bag, backpack) that was also the best. And for the most part, she was right. A quality item almost always saved us money because we used it year after year.  



Since founding Oiselle, it has been my lifelong quest to establish that quality level for our entire line. But the category that poses the most challenges is outerwear, because the garments are complex and must perform. We started in earnest in 2013. And each year has included steps forward and important lessons. There were improvements, and fixes, and incremental steps. It was humbling and inspiring.



Enter the Vim & Vigor Collection. Like last year, this season will include six styles that I believe -- with all biases acknowledged -- continue to put us on the map in the outerwear industry. From the fabrics to the trims and the new details, it’s an incredible collection. One that’s been obsessed over for years, tested, tried, worn in all conditions.



We are proud to have a great outerwear piece for all the needs of an athlete’s life.


These two ready-to-run styles are designed specifically for varying climates, temperatures, and distances. The Vim and Vigor stand out for having:


The Vim Jacket ($120) and Vigor Vest ($90) are available in Big Blue, Frost, and Black. 


We hope you enjoy these styles as much as we do – and we thank you for your confidence in us to do great things. 



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