jacquelyn scofield

Starting line ready: shoes tied, bib pinned, headphones on. Time to get in the zone before the gun goes off. We're creating the ultimate pre-race pump-up playlist on Spotify... but we need your help.  


If you’re a Oiselle lifer, or love following us on Twitter, you know #FastFriday well – a contest held every Friday from 6am to 5pm Pacific. It’s simple to play: look for the contest question tweeted out, retweet it, and give you answer. 

How to Play #FastFriday:

  1. Follow @oiselle on Twitter (must follow to win)
  2. Retweet the contest tweet from 6am PST
  3. Tell us your pre-race jam with tag #FastFriday
  4. Prize: $50 to oiselle.com chosen at random 

We'll be compiling the songs throughout the day so be sure to follow the Pre-Race Playlist on Spotify!

jacquelyn scofield