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When I moved to London from Seattle late last summer, I thought the transition would be seamless. I’d hit the ground running, easefully launch Jasyoga London, and finally manifest some of my long-term projects and goals.

Turns out that moving abroad is way more challenging than I anticipated. I was itching to spread the Reset Revolution in the U.K., but found myself full of so much passion and yet was so unsure of exactly where to point it upon arrival in my new home. They might speak English out here, but it’s a completely different language and everywhere I turn I seem to be reminded that, yep, I’m in a foreign country.


I talked a lot last year about “trusting the process.” While you would have thought that all the time spent waiting for my visa (4 months that placed an ocean between my husband and me) would have made me more patient, in retrospect there was a void between what I was saying to those around me and the internal conversation I was having. That disconnect more than anything caused me to struggle needlessly and hindered my ability to achieve my goals.

Over the last two months, I’ve been revisiting my vision for myself and for Jasyoga via the Believe journal with the intention of reigniting what exactly it is I am going to believe in this year. And in mapping out what I’m doing and, more importantly, why, I’ve been reminded that I’m on the right path and am in fact already doing all the things needed to close the gap between where I am now, and where I want to be. Except for one thing. The only missing ingredient has been trust.

So this is the year I take trust out of my head and put it into my heart.


This is a subtle yet radical shift. I trust that my vision is clear, the plan is in place, and that each day when I go for a run, roll out my mat, or sit in stillness for a few minutes, I return myself to balance and its accompanying sense of Ease that allows me to bring my best self to every task, decision, and interaction. And that’s what is softening the dissonance between my head and my heart, and ultimately optimizing my potential to lead the Reset Revolution.

Here’s the daily strategy that’s helping me to more consciously set my state and discern what’s needed so that I can be productive and easeful, rather than falling victim to old habits and becoming a walking reaction:

  • Visual cue: I found this cool chalkboard in the shape of a globe, and each Monday I write my main focus for the week ahead. It’s a great reminder especially on days when I feel overwhelmed.
  • Meditation: 20 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the evening. Even when I don’t feel like doing it I’m always happy I did. And when time is tight I accept that 5 minutes can be just as impactful.
  • Triage: Post-meditation each morning, I take a few minutes to write down everything I want to accomplish that day, and then put a star by the top priorities and focus on those, while setting the rest of the list aside for another time. Getting a few really important things done feels way better than half assing a bunch of things.
  • Fluidity: I hold myself accountable to recognizing that some days I need to go harder and some days I need to rest a little easier, and stay willing to respond accordingly.

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