Sarah Mac

Oiselle HQ is headed to Texas. We'll be in Austin, Texas for The Running Event 2012. The Running Event is an industry expo. All your favorite running brands show off their latest and greatest to running store buyers, industry journalists and each other. This is our second year using The Running Event as our annual sales meeting. This means Oiselle HQ meets up with all the Oiselle reps and our VP of sales, Christy Slye. It's fun to get the whole flock together.


This year we have an amazing custom booth where we will be showing Fall 2013. Above you can see last years booth and our rep team. Sally and I built it ourselves out of curtains from Pottery Barn and frames from Goodwill. It was quite a project! Here's your sneak peek of what this year's booth looks like...

photo (4).JPG

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