Heather Stephens

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving... but hold the mashed potatoes & gravy! We’ve got birds to chase first. We have Volée and Haute Volée teammates toeing the line in Turkey Trots across the country. Three of our elites: Kate Grace, Mel Lawrence, and Megan Rolland are kicking off turkey day at the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. We caught up with them to find out about their goals and plans for tomorrow.



KATE: Turkey trots are a fun way to get something on the calendar that is relatively low pressure. Fall training feels more manageable when there is a race to look forward too. Goals: Compete well, believe in myself to stay with the main pack, run faster than I did last year.

MEL: I want to try and have fun and soak up the experience of the Silicon Valley Turkey Trot. It will be my first time racing there, but I've known about this race for a long time. I know I won't feel sharp, but I'm hoping to feel really strong in the race from the fall training I've already put in. If I can walk away feeling strong and feeling like I raced well, it will be a good day.

MEGAN: The first race of the season is always a little scary because I don't really know what to expect come race time. My goal for this race is not to be timid about being up near the front.  Try and relax while being uncomfortable for the first half and then start attacking with courage for the second half. This is the only competitive road race I will do this year. Sp I want to enjoy it and feel those race morning butterflies again!


KATE: I've been thinking a lot recently about the redeeming power of unconditional love. How the people who have made the biggest impact on my life have done so because of their unrelenting forgiveness/acceptance of all aspects of me. It's not just that I feel good in their presence, it's that knowing them has given me the courage to be better. Not sure how that turns into a wisdom pearl, except to say that family can be both giver and receiver of that type of care. Everyone jokes about all the issues that come up over t-giving meal. It's not like you're going to show up and suddenly be this beacon of love silencing everything else. But seek out someone for that type of connection. It matters.

MEL: Don't worry about saving room for dessert. When the time comes, you'll find a way.

MEGAN: There are so many turkey trots out there Thanksgiving morning. Find one in your area and sign up! This will help those endorphins kick in and help you approach the rest of the day with more compassion for family members who's views might differ from yours and also make room for the extra indulgences we all know we will partake in.


KATE: I'm going to Thanksgiving gathering with my boyfriend's extended family. Really hoping pumpkin pie is on the menu!

MEL: After the race I'll fly up to Seattle where some of my family will be. I imagine the afternoon will be filled with playing soccer with my cousins and drinking some great wine with my Aunt and Uncle (they always have the best!).

MEGAN: I am flying back to Boise with my teammate and we will head over to our coach's house for a Thanksgiving feast with our family and friends.


Good luck to everyone chasing the bird tomorrow. Follow @oiselle_team on Twitter for Turkey Trot results and other Thanksgiving shenanigans!