Sarah Mac

The Oiselle approach is how can we make this running staple better? It started with shorts and hasn’t let up. From my desk, I can see the design team, now four women strong, heads down on every style. Touching this fabric and that, fitting each garment and worrying over every detail. Moving this seam up a half-inch and that, over another.

As I write this, our technical designer, Kami, is in Turkey for the week working on the seamless collection at the source. The seamless collection has grown since its introduction more than two years ago.


When we launched seamless, Oiselle’s version of seamless, the goal was to keep everything we loved about this unique, knit-in-a-tube construction (no chafe, super wicking, breathable, sleek) without the things we didn’t (confining, too tight, unflattering) into styles that were exceptional…top-drawer styles. The one you always reach for…flawless meets seamless.

The main difference between our seamless and the seamless out there, is we nixed the spandex in our tops. So you get the heathery softness of Oiselle's premium fabrics without that unfortunate sausage-casing squeeze. Nothing against squeezing of course! Our seamless Flyte Shorts bring the spandex hug.

Now the collection has expanded, heathered and solid, birds and geometric inspiration… the combinations are easy and endless.



Our entrance to the world of seamless. When we sent the design to our factory, we got a concerned call from the development director. They warned us, “the birds are VERY big!” Yes, yes they are.

The Flyte Shorts have just the right amount of bun hugging. And last season we introduced them to an extra couple inseam inches. These were our first “booty short” and have done a great job of holding that end of the spectrum for many seasons.



The same blend as the Flyte collection, with geometric lines and a nod to the strong warrior.



Not just a helpful phonetic cheat to pronounce Oiselle, the Wazelle styles are 100% nylon – which means they are lightweight, ultra soft, and durable. Simplicity at its best. This season, we introduced the Wazelle Tank and Wazelle Halter.

We’re looking forward to Kami’s return from overseas! She’s enjoying a crash course in everything seamless, and all that’s possible from a design standpoint. While we’re happy with the current collection, we won’t stop, won’t rest. Always searching, looking to create that next piece. That next style that inspires your run, your movement, your flight!

jacquelyn scofield