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The days of summer are over, those long days and longer miles. The first weeks of your training block have become race eve. It’s fall racing season! Starting line season. Whether you’re lining up for XC or 26.2 it’s time to put your training to the test.


Starting line season kicks off this weekend with the Twin Cities Marathon and 10 mile road championships! And on the left coast, PDX Marathon! We’ll be joining in the excitement (and easing your taper tantrums) with a month of race centric contests and content. 


Standard Chasers

The Olympic (running) year kicks off on February 14th in LA with the Olympic Marathon Trials. But first runners have to qualify to toe the line in LA. The women’s B standard is 2:43 (earns you a spot on the line) and the A standard is 2:37 (earns you a spot and funding). The window to qualify opened on August 1st 2013 and closes January 17th 2016.

It’s that last chance dance and we’re excited to cheer for all the women going for it.


Heather Lieberg | 2:34:09 A
Caitlin Comfort | 2:35:29 A
Kara Goucher | 2:37:03 B
Anna Weber | 2:38:39 B
Allison Maxson | 2:39:16 B
Aubrey Moskal | 2:40:14 B
Andrea Duke | 2:41:05 B
Molly Friel | 2:41:30 B
Heidi Greenwood | 2:42:08 B
Andie Cozzarelli | 1:13:49 B


Lyndy Davis | Chicago Marathon | October 11
Maria Elena Calle | Chicago Marathon | October 11
Becki Spellman | Columbus Marathon | October 18
Melissa Gacek | Monumental Marathon | November 7
Devon Yanko | CIM | December 6
Sarah Mac Robinson | CIM | December 6
Trisha Drobeck | CIM | December 6

Donna Mills| CIM | December 6
Kristine Burgess | Houston | January 17 


Ever popular What to Wear series taps the pros to find out what to wear when. All those important Ws. Because when you have a half marathon in 43º and rain you need to know WTW!

First up, Kara Goucher’s race day warm up look.




From middle school to masters it’s cross country season! We’ll celebrate your stories and let you in on the secret world of post school XC. Yes, 30-somethings, you can spike up and get muddy. Team pasta dinners optional but encouraged.

Running for More


From Every Mother Counts to Girls Gotta Run Foundation, we’ll explore how we can all run for more. The International Day of the Girl pop-up 5K is coming up on October 11th! Grab two friends, donate $25 to GGRF and run a 5K in your area. And finally, learn four ways to run for Every Mother Counts

We're excited to take you along for the journey this fall! Follow and stay up to date on the latest. 

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