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Looking to beat the heat? Living in states where the average July temps range from 89° to 106° Volée members Ashely, Tara, Allie, Hayley and Holly share their warm weather running tips to keep you running through the hot, hot, heat of summer.



TARA: Pre-hydrate (more than usual) the day before a long run and make sure to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate all day after a run and get back inside an air-conditioned area ASAP.

ALLIE: Make sure to hydrate with electrolytes every day in the summer, and when racing add in a hyper-hydration product. I also make sure to have a huge bottle of water with electrolytes waiting for me in the refrigerator when I come back from a run.

HAYLEY: I recommend running short loops so you can get back to your car/house easily and have a verified water stop. Counting on water fountains working is not always a great idea as they are not 100% reliable.



TARA: Plan to get the bulk of your miles in before the sun is up. I sometimes do half of my long run outside and half indoors on the treadmill.

ALLIE: Run early or late. This is a no brainer, and unfortunately here in the south it doesn't even help much as the temperatures and humidity remain high. But even if it is still hot and humid the absence of the sun beating down reduces discomfort.

HAYLEY: Living and training in Phoenix can be challenging with the heat. When I’m in true training mode during the summer I wake up very early, around 3am, and try to be out the door running by 3:30-4am so I can be completely done before the sun comes up.



HOLLY: Knowing the temperature and humidity level are key for deciding how to approach a workout and complete it successfully. If you heart rate train, stick with same workout zone you would in regular conditions, just know the actual pace will likely slow. It's not you, it's the weather!

HAYLEY: Cooling the body by wetting it down is by far the most effective way to stay cool. The caveat is you need to actually be running. Slowing to a walk while doused in water won’t allow your body to use the air to cool. I like to wear arm sleeves that I drench in water when I'm out running in the sun. It helps keep me cool!

ASHLEY: My favorite use for a Runner Trucker on the run?  Putting ice in the hat, and then on my head! It may look funny but it’s seriously effective. 




HOLLY: I'm mostly a member of the #SportsBraSquad when it's hot, but I've been crushing hard on the Flyout Tank this season!

ASHLEY: The Flyout Tank has been my MVP this summer. It's a staple for hot, humid Texas track workouts and a surprise winner on the road too!

ALLIE: When I have to run in the middle of the day I add a light-colored tank top into the mix (like the Go Tank) and white arm coolers that grab the sweat and help keep you cool.

ASHLEY: During the hottest days, I’ll wear the Flyout Long Sleeve in Frost to protect myself from the sun and stay cool! The fabric is perfect for that.

ASHLEY: Some mornings I will start out in a tank, but want to wear a bit less once the paces drop and the temps rise. I'll wear a sports bra with tight, supportive dual shoulder straps...a couple miles in, I'll take off my tank and loop it through the back straps so I don't have to carry it. 


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