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When you have a lot going on, ease can feel elusive, even as you’re waking up in the morning. If you’re packing more in — more miles, more races, earlier workouts — as it’s getting lighter earlier and the days are getting longer, it’s even more important to make sure you’ve Hit Reset before diving into your workout and your workday. So, before you tackle your to-do list, take few minutes to start as you mean to go on — limber and at ease. By taking just a few minutes to consciously set your mental state and establish more fluidity in your body, you’ll run and feel better all day long.

Breathe deeply and hold each pose for 5+ deep breaths…



1.     Before you get out of bed, sit up, close your eyes, and breathe deeply.

2.     Let go of the “to-do’s” and instead just breathe as big as possible and notice the sense of space that creates, even if you have a busy day ahead of you.

3.     Continue for 2–5 minutes — be patient, it’s worth it!

Side Bend


1.     Sit on the edge of your bed with your feet on the floor.

2.     Inhale — reach your left arm overhead.

3.     Exhale — bend to your right, resting your right hand on your bed.

4.     Focus on bending from the middle of your spine, around the bottom of your rib cage. 



1.     Come onto all fours with your shoulders over your wrists, hips over knees.

2.     Spread your fingers wide and flatten your palms.

3.     Inhale — lift your hips/chest/chip as your belly drops toward the floor (Cow).

4.     Exhale — round your spine and drop your head (Cat).

5.     Continue moving to the rhythm of your breath.

Forward Fold Shakeout


1.     With your feet hip’s width apart, fold forward, keeping your knees bent a lot — give those hammies time to wake up!

2.     Hold onto opposite elbows and sway your torso side to side, allowing a subtle traction for your spine.

3.     Gently shake your head to help relax your neck, while you relax your face.

Take it Around Town


As demoed by our gal Bree… Does this require an explanation?

Have a great day!

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