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Running Inspiration - Part Deux

Dec 30, 2011


New Years weekend is here and resolutions are in the air. Runners don't make resolutions. We set goals. And this past week we asked you all to send in your 2011 triumphs and 2012 goals and I read all 300+ entries! I read them at work, I read them on my phone in bed, I read them at stoplights and waiting for coffee. And I felt like my own battery was charging as I read your awe-inspiring successes (even in the face of hopeless odds), your comebacks and HUGE goals for 2012.

As you begin making your goals for 2012 and looking back at your accomplishments in 2011, check out what your fellow runners are up to (here on Facebook). Encourage each other, and feel free to share your story. I can't wait to see what you all do this year - I'm so inspired by you all.

(just a smattering of goals + triumphs below)



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