I am so thrilled to be heading back to Boston! Last year was bizarre and wonderful. Sally, sorry I trashed your boots (literally, put those dripping faux-fur sadsters in the dumpster before we headed to the airport). We were cheering at the half-way point in Wellesley, tracking the front of the race obsessively, and once we got the text that Desi won, that was all I yelled for the next 2 hours: “DESI WON!!!” I loved it when racers were as excited as we were! My favorite memory is THIS (try not to get hyped)! This year, I don’t know what flavor of magic will transpire, but I know there will be plenty! And I’ll be there for it. 

We’d love to see you over the weekend! The Oiselle shakeout run is Sunday at 9am, we’ll be meeting at the Goodr pop-up at 9am for 3-5 mile routes (123 Newbury Street), plus coffee, donuts, and the claw afterward! And you know our cowbell corner during the marathon will be hype central! We moved closer to the finish this year: Coolidge Corner, Dunkin Donuts (runners’ left, in the 23rd mile). I’ll be bringing lots of cowbells (yep, and my megaphone + yeti combo), so come join us if you are spectating and like a fun crew. 


Over 60 Oiselle runners will be out there bringing the fire, including 6 Haute Volée tearing it up in the elite field. I questioned a few of our Volée who will be out there racing, see what makes them unique! 

Sophie Chang (27): I’m excited for the crowds. I love running big city marathons and how cities come together around the marathon. There is just so much overwhelming support that it makes running the marathon almost easy. I went to college in Boston and was driving under an overpass near Copley Square right when the 2013 bombing happened. Ever since then, I have made it a mission to BQ and run it myself for all the survivors. Boston will be my 4th marathon, my first and only BQ so far was in Berlin 2018.


Race outfit: Black Volee singlet, Black Strider Shorts (or the new 7/8 Volee tights if below 50 degrees). 

Jackie Gruendel (44): I am so excited to see all my hard work and training pay off. I have been able to hit workouts that previously escaped me during other marathon training cycles and I also did my 4 longest training runs ever. I am so thankful to say I have been lucky enough to never have a porta-potty incident and I hope this marathon won't be the first. This will be my 4th marathon. Twin Cities 2005 (30 not married, no kids), Marine Corp 2015 (40 1/2 2 kids), Philadelphia 2017, Boston 2019. Back surgery sidelined me from Boston in previous years, so when I recovered and could do some training I ran Philly to get my qualifier again. 


Race outfit: moody floral crop, Blaze singlet, epic purple pocket joggers, zensah feather weight performance socks, Altra Escalante racer 

Meredith Bazemore (43): I’m most excited for giving my hamstring and hip a much needed rest post race, reunion of some of #MastersBirdStrike team, and post race shenanigans. There’s no race atmosphere that comes close to Boston. The city is buzzing from the moment you arrive...the energy from fellow runners and spectators, and the whole community of Boston is just really special. I had to go check old logs to see how many marathons I’ve done, which means probably too many. I think this is lucky number 13? 


Race outfit: (for race days btwn 35-45) Verrazano bra, Winona tank, BCTC singlet (by Oiselle), Lux arm warmers, “throw away” gloves from a race I have had since 2012,  black toolbelt rogas, reebok floatride run fast shoes, trucker hat! (But if it’s Boston 2018 weather add a wazzie wool l/s, go jogging capris, & a vim jacket!!!)

Nicole Freeman (30): I'm most excited to just be in Boston. It's my favorite city-- I went to school there and also my husband and I spent our first year of marriage there. It's a super special place for me. Honestly I registered in a moment of madness. I'm 800% sure that I said "no more marathons." But fall marathon FOMO is a b*tch, ya know?  I'm fairly certain my strava activity for last year's Boston marathon is titled something vulgar about desperately seeking porta potties on the course. Shout out Sunset Cantina Fiesta Nachos (no hard feelings, I still hear Selena when I think of you). And I would never describe those porta searches as "Shalane-style" because there was something sort of charming about seeing her contemplate stopping and then Desi hanging back for her. And my Boston Porta Tour of 2018 was the opposite of charming. This will be marathon number five and my second Boston. It took me 2 tries to BQ (and it also took me 2 tries just to finish a marathon in the first place). 


Race outfit: I still don't know! I'm leaning towards the black Volée crop. Although, a few other NYC women and I have unofficially started something called "shit club track club" (see porta story above). Maybe I'll tempt fate wearing that shirt. Or I could wear my taco costume. Has anyone ever run the Boston Marathon as a taco? Maybe a taco in a diaper. I dunno, I gotta think on it. 

Cory Benson (62): This is my sixth year of training for the Boston Marathon (aka, “Boston”) during the cold and dark Northeast winter. In the early years, this was fraught with anxiety, some over-training, and a nervous 2 – 3 week taper period. This year I fully realized that those energy-sapping emotions had disappeared. I’ve learned that steady growth, as well as the shelter of others around you, can allow you to bloom anew, year after year.


I’ve learned to appreciate my “late bloomer” talent, as well as the “otherness” of being an older female marathoner.
[Ed. Note: we recommend you read all of Cory’s blog here on her superpowers as a “late bloomer”] 

To every one getting to the start line on Patriot’s Day, we salute you! We celebrate your strength and persistence, and we’ll be cheering you along! See you in Boston! 




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