It’s out! Okay, not everywhere, it takes a bit of time…but the June issue of Runner’s World is out and none other than our sister hero Lauren Fleshman is on the cover, and sharing her gems of 5K wisdom within.


Which takes us back…

Her last cover was in 2011 - when we hadn’t fully stalked our way into her heart - and were just fans like everyone else. And it was then that she did something really cool. She told us Fleshmaniacs that if we sent our RW issues to her, she would autograph and return them. Anyone. All of us. Hot dog!


Later, we heard how it was a bit of chaos, handling the 100’s of copies that came her way, and the unknowns that you might imagine come along with snail mail. But we also heard how she loved having that direct contact with her fans. With us! It was amazing, and the cover hangs proudly on the wall of The Nest today.

So…to celebrate her return to the cover, we’re going big…repeating the personal autograph offer AND giving the first 1000 fans something new, and hot off the presses: our Lauren Fleshman Power Doll. Yes! It's just like the paper dolls you remember, but 100% more kick ass.

So let’s run through the list:

Got your June Runner's World issue? Check

Read Fleshman's killer article on why 5K's rule? Check

Want to seal the deal on this being the most save-able issue EVAH by getting it autographed, getting a Power Doll, and possibly…maybe…a surprise something else? Check, check!


Here’s how to make it happen:

1. Mail your issue straight to the desk of Fleshman Flyer here at The Nest:
Fleshman Flyer
c/o Oiselle

7109 Woodlawn Ave NE, Suite 201

Seattle, WA, 98115

2. Include a Self Addressed, Stamped Envelope with enough postage to get it back to you.
    (Pay for approximately 1/2 lb; USPS Flat Rate Envelope ~$5.05, your own package - up to ~$7.00 depending on where you live).

3. Make sure to get her done by June 1, 2014. After that, sorry, but we’ll all be at the races…

4. Wait by the mailbox! Your autographed copies will be returned to you early to mid-June.

"Thanks in advance to everyone who sends over their magazine! If you have a story to tell, or joke, or whatever else moves you, feel free to toss it in there! The inspiration goes both ways."


Love This
Allyson Ely