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Ask A Rubies Coach! "What is your burning new to running question?" I have thrown out this question to Twitter land and got a bunch of juicy questions from you. So, I will be featuring 5 of of them once a month. These all have to the same theme: getting back out there and overcoming the newness of running. Enjoy!

Q: "For those of us who have regressed to our couch going ways (uh, of course hypothetically... yeah, that's it) what do you recommend doing to start back up again."

A: Ah! The regressors (which is what I am going to call my next band, fyi) I would recommend:

  1. Signing up for a 5k in the next month. 
  2. Start running. Dust off that new to run schedule and get going. Find a friend and do it together. Start with small goals, like 20 minutes every other day and work your way up. You'll get there, I promise. 

Q: "What can a person do to keep their enthusiasm and spirit up when they keep getting set backs in running either because of injury or illness?”

A: You might want to do a scheduled hiatus from running. We all need them and should take them on a yearly basis. Mark a week or two on you calendar, and do something else for that time that you enjoy and works the body. Then start again when you are all aching to do it and you'll never wanna break up again.


Q: "What's the longest break you've taken from running? Was it just like starting over when you came back?"

A: I think I took a year off after my first marathon. It was hard to get back, but then I got a coach and it all was bubbles and rainbows again.

Q: "I think it's my mind that's getting in the way of my improvement. What tricks are there to stop that negative feedback loop? I think I’ve already decided I can't do it before I even start....." 

A: Turn it off! Your head, not your running. Get out the door and just tell yourself you are going to run for 5 minutes.  Try and make a play list to keep you pumped up of fun songs. And when you're out there (running, not crazy) make sure to  put your attention things out of your head. Look around you, focus on goal markers ahead of you, check out cute boys, people watch, find the fluffiest dogs. As soon as that negative talk enters your head, thank it for sharing and then run past it.

Q: "How do I get over my fear of re-injury? I haven't run since fracturing my foot in the Disney Princess half (Feb 2012), spending 4.5 months in a boot, and then getting pregnant and having a baby this past April. I'm majorly out of shape and need to get back at it!"

A: Very good question. The fear of getting re-injury is scary and getting pregnant from running is terrifying. First check with your doctor and make sure that your foot is good to go. Also, ask her or anybody how babies are made (spoiler alert: it's not by running). Go slow, take your time getting back into it, and listen to your body. That fracture is all healed up and is stronger than before. Get out for 20 minutes, go slow and take walk breaks. Sign up for a 5k in the next couple of months and make it happen.