Underwear. We believe in 'em. Which is why we created of the week underwear for runners. Not sure what to expect, they quickly became a hot (and nearly always sold out) item. It's been a couple years since Rundies debuted and we realized there was more "foundational work" to be done. Enter, cheeky underwear for women athletes.


How are these different than Rundies? First off, Randies are 100% technical performers. Made from a blend of poly/spandex, these babies are ready to rock and run and sweat and wick like nobody's business. Their fibers get you most of the way there...then add on their anti-microbial magic, and you've got a powerful trio of rundergarment magic! We hope they power up your run, or maybe just your sense of humor.

Run on - and enjoy!



November 08, 2013 —

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