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YOU get a PR and YOU get a PR! Man, I love watching friends run fast. And that’s exactly what they did Sunday night at the Portland Track Festival. Hear from the racers and look at my pretty pictures!



“One year ago I had a broken hip... yesterday I ran a 5 second PR in the 1500! This year I have taken the mantra that less is more. I have cut back my mileage, added in strength work and swimming as a major piece of my training. I have never felt so fresh and prepared for races than I have this year. Excited to bring this momentum into USA's and keep flying!” – Marisa Howard



“It was a good one. I didn’t get out as fast as I wanted to but I stayed focused on the end goal. I told myself to stay relaxed and stay close and then turn it up with 250m to go... I went with my gut feeling and it worked out! A bit short of the USA qualifier, but looking forward to one more shot at Stumptown next Friday. 2:02.00 is well within reach I can feel it.” – Alisha Brown



“I really like racing the 1500. It's not my main event, but it's fun to get in that race and feel that special 1500m burn. I felt really strong half way through and I knew the third lap was important for maintaining speed and momentum. I focused on using that strength to carry me through the next 600, came off the curve and opened up. I crossed the line and was beyond excited for a new PR!” – Mel Lawrence



“I was happy with my race. Even though I have been doing this for a while now, I still feel like a newbie! I love getting the opportunity to mix it up and try for the win. I am still working on the courage to take the lead and really have the confidence to put the pedal to the medal once I do. It was a good work piece to add in before USA’s.” – Megan Rolland



"Races provide an opportunity to learn things you can't study in practice. This weekend was the lesson in running the race you plan and running the race you're in, but being mindful that the pieces of a second add up very quickly." – Collier Lawrence


“Sometimes great races happen. Sometimes your period happens. Life, right? Taking the good, leaving the bad. Trusting the process, trusting my training. And ready to fly free again real soon.” – Sasha Gollish


“I've been working on my weaknesses as I ramp into a marathon training cycle. I am only beginning to figure out how to trust myself in the 5k; at the PTF I learned that I need to race on the edge of anaerobic and not stay in my aerobic safety zone. I have to suppress the cautious marathoner in me when I step on the 5k start line. I'm coming back for the 5k pain - I'll have a different approach next time: less conserving, more risk from the gun!” – Lyndy Davis


“There came a moment my race where I literally said "f&^% it, just run with your heart." That was at the 300m mark. I knew I was out fast and I knew that I my body wasn't prepared for that, but all I could do was compete as hard as possible for as long as possible. My race wasn't indicative of what I'm ready to run, or even of my toughness. But, regardless of what happened, I had fun, the energy of the meet was electric, and Portland Track will always be one of my favorite places to compete and watch so many athletes lay it on the line.” – Dom Jackson


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