First, pump up your day by watching this iconic Cake Video. Get in the mood for something short and a loooong jacket. “With fingernails that shine like justice” might be my next tattoo.

But back to outerwear. Fall 18 is our biggest, best, brightest, longest - most fabulous collection of outerwear to date. Like all apparel, it starts with having the best ingredients, so that everything from fit to feel is amazing.

You’ve met Puffy Track Jacket and the Crest Vest, Insulated Flyout Jacket, Vest, and Baselayer

With today’s launch, our world of outerwear is complete. From long jackets (Queen and Trackside) to more reflective (Power On), the return of Wazzie Wool, and ALL the accessories, you can truly stay out and about every single day, night, cold chill or icy morning. And with the performance-ability of our styles, we know we’ll see #flystyle on the slopes, in the mountains, and on the fan squad!

Every season starts with inspiration. Below please find some of the images, ideas, feelings that inspired Fall ’18. Bottom line, we believe in creating the best, technically savvy outerwear, base layers and accessories made for women athletes. As always, we can’t wait to hear your feedback. Questions? hello @ is always here to help.

blogimage2.jpgSo about that long jacket. We’re thinking Fall of this 2018 is a great time for some armor. The long coat is the ultimate over-anything-style that keeps your glutes warm and brings your look together. These styles also tap into the emotion of readiness. Collars up, let’s do this. Meet the puffy Queen Jacket with all kinds of bells, whistles, pockets and more. And the Trackside, a beauty made from premium a Schoeller soft-shell exterior and micro-fleece interior. Both give you that long jacket confidence, ready to rumble.


We all carry a light. When we run, that light shines brighter. It radiates out to the rest of our lives… our families, our pursuits, our connection with ourselves and other people. The Power On Collection (and accessories, below) uses two of our most favorite, beautiful fabrics: Polartec PowerStretch and our Reflective Stretch Mesh. In addition to loft and warmth, STRETCH is the key feel here. These pieces stretch and stay where you put them. Breathe in, breathe out. We are all celestial bodies.


Flyout Tights are back in stock. That is all. 

They are the runaway hit from Fall 17. After a scare with the fabric, where we thought we wouldn’t be able to keep sourcing it, the mill came through for us big time, and these thick, stretchy, ultimate fall/winter tights (with two phone pockets) are all we need.



Mother Nature makes a lot of beautiful things. Her classic fibers: the cottons, the linen. But for the sporty women, she gives us special love with sheep and the goats. Wool and cashmere ARE nature’s performance fibers, often working better to move sweat, repel wind/rain, and keep you warm than anything made by womankind. Note that all Oiselle Wazzie Wool is sourced from New Zealand and is ZQ Certified, the gold standard for animal welfare practices.


They’re the essential details of being on the go, outside, in any climate. Your feet and legs might be doing most of the work, but your head, neck, and hands need love too. From Classic Lux gloves and earbands and gaiter to Polartec PowerStretch, Super Puff Mittens, and wool, we have all the accessories for sport and life.

But hold up - we have something special for you!

The Fall 2018 Outerwear and Accessories Collection is our best yet - so we’re celebrating all the outerwomen with a new offer: The Layer Love Bundle. It’s easy. When you buy one piece of outerwear + one baselayer (or any top) + one wearable accessory, you get 20% off the entire order. KA-POW. Come at us, winter. We got this.


Keey running and flying through all the weather, my friends. I hope to see you there!



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