jungle-chicken_0.jpgBeing fast is impressive. But being fast and hilarious makes you golden in my book. But it's a rare gift, right? Like being born with the brain of Paul Krugman in the body of Megan Fox.

So imagine my surprise when, several years back, one of our elite athletes, Erin Ward, laid down one of the most hysterical marathon blog posts I've ever read. It was articulate, biting, self-deprecating, and so, so hysterical. In short, it chronicled her journey through The 2011 NYC Marathon in which she would be roommates with the winner, mingle with run royalty, and come face to face with her own insecurities and race day insanity. She was like a woman runner version of David Sedaris.

As good fortune would have it, Erin then stayed with us at the 2012 Olympic Trials, during which she was our fiercest, badass model in our #totallytrials fashion show. Fast forward to 4:45. Yep. Rocked that look like a boss.

But that wasn't enough Erin for me. The next thing I had to do was angle a way to spend 24 hours in a van with this woman. And I did that. It's called Hood to Coast. We were teammates on the esteemed Baba Yaga team last year. The nonstop hilarity, wise-cracking, and potty humor of that trip cemented our friendship (not to mention, as she reminded me recently) that we spooned together, under a flimsy fleece blanket, somewhere in an open field in Western Oregon. You've done a relay - you get it.

So where I am headed with this? I'll get to the point: even though Erin has graciously bowed out as a member of our elite squad, she has agreed to blog for us on a regular basis. So ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu, I present to you: Jungle Chicken (name story to come in her first post...which is RIGHT around the corner). Stay tuned won't be sorry!