New York is my favorite and least favorite marathon.

I hated the hell out of it in 2005…my first big attempt at sub-3:00, and my first big collision with the wall. As I walk-jogged my way through Central Park, my stomach and legs broke down like my husband’s old Dodge Omni, except without road side service. 

I vowed redemption and got it in 2013. And in the way that only running wisdom can teach us, it was a slower race but a bigger victory. From the negative split, to the Every Mother Counts support, to Oiselle teammates and coaching from Dr. Lesko and Lauren Fleshman, my 3:21 was more satisfying and life affirming than the sub-3:00’s.

As part of the support crew, 2017 just made NYC my spiritual trifecta. So many reasons and moments. So much because!

Pilon-Flanagan-Marathon.jpgSource: The New Yorker / Photograph by Seth Wenig / AP Photo

Because every marathoner is beautiful. That medal, that finish, it unites us all - whether you’re Shalane Flanagan posting the first NYC American woman’s win in 40 years, or the finishers that were still coming in after dark - where she and Meb waited to cheer for them.


Because Steph Bruce and the privilege of watching hard work, talent, and Rocky-level determination on full display. 10th Place! 4th American Woman. And a negative split! Sharing in her story has been an incredible honor.


Because cowbell calamity is our love language.


Because celebrities come to play and they suffer…just like us! Good job Kevin Hart and Karlie Kloss!


Because Kara Goucher reminds us (again) why she is an icon - strong and vulnerable and always willing to share her story. 


Because “Fearless Girl"


Because Courtney, Daniela, Sophia, Elise, Rebecca, Nicole, Lindsey, Torrie, Ellen, Tami, Jen, Jill, and more names than I can recall. Just THERE, for themselves and each other.


Because when Kelly Roberts has a bullhorn and a portable speaker she becomes Super Kelly Roberts, which is A LOT of run love.

Because Olympians on the cheer squad. We so appreciate you Maria Michta and Maria Calle!


Because the best sweaty hug ever from Kimmie Pearlman.


Because Alissa's badass 3:23… 2 minutes below her goal and undoubtedly a slam dunk Boston Qualifier.

Because Megan’s “Do Not Open Until Race Day” taught us that the wall is really a door.


Because pop ups and Custom Performance PT… Wendy, thank you for being on this team. If you live in NYC, check them out!


Because after-parties - where you get to hear each person’s story of the race. The early chapters, the scary spots, the heroes and villains. The will to persevere. The elation. THE ELATION. There is no accomplishment more beautiful.

TCSNYC_Sallynyc.jpgPhoto: NYRR

Because this is why we do what we do. A pure love of the sport and its people - that has refueled my heart in the most wonderful way.

Thank you NYC. Thank you teammates. Thank you support crews. Thank you new friends. What an incredible experience that I can’t wait to do again!



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