In a move rarely seen, nor even hoped for, two of the sports world’s most celebrated pro runners are risking everything by moving off the track and onto the music scene with an album of cacophonous proportions. A collection of music so new and raw, it’s quickly becoming the talk of the industry…


 “It’s remarkable. This album is poised to single handedly dismantle the entire community Kara and Lauren have spent their careers building.” 
-- David Willey, Editor-in-Chief, Runner’s World

“It’s a hideous record…it’s like getting really drunk at a party and spilling your guts out in front of everyone and feeling incredibly great and cathartic about it, and then waking up the next morning and saying W-T-F?!”
-- Dan Savage, The Stranger

 “For years, I’ve encouraged athletes to increase their marketability and connect with fans, and then something comes along to reset the bar at a remarkably low level…”
-- Ray Flynn, Agent

“Like the athletes themselves, it combines the droning monotony of marathon training with the oh-shit chaos of a 5K. Quite frankly, it’s all the parts of running no one wants to hear.” 
-- Mary Wittenberg, NYRR

“Finally, some Oiselle outfits I like.”
-- Adam Goucher

"It's important that we don't confuse the sisterhood with a reverence for the inane."
-- Mother Jones

"The music is awful, but c'mon, I need to dance with these women!!!" 
-- Ellen Degeneres

“We look forward to realizing additional revenue from the exclusive rights to their image and album sales.” 

"Not since models became models AND actresses, have we seen such a feeble cross over of talent..."
-- Entertainment Weekly

"I'll admit, I encouraged Lauren to keep it a little less real on this album, but they don't call her F-Bomb for nothing."
-- Sally Bergesen, CEO, Oiselle

"It's not for workouts. It's not for dancing. Really, unless you're shopping for flogs and hair shirts or cleaning your toilet bowl with a toothbrush, don't do it."
-- New York Times Music Review


The duo’s Seattle-based record label, Black n Bluejay, is debuting the album via what it calls its “multi-galaxy distribution strategy,” covering “every single channel, platform, medium and payment method known to exist or soon exist." Better yet, fans will never be limited by technology as the album will be simultaneously released, galaxy-wide, via Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, Blu Ray, free MP3, Napster, SoundCloud, standard vinyl, a limited edition 45 LP, compact discs, audio cassettes, 8 track, short-wave radio, and closed systems including walkie talkies and baby monitors.

Sweet Tracks will be released as part of Record Store Day on April 18th. Record Store Day is an annual event celebrating independent record stores, and features special album releases and performances by hundreds of artists around the world.

We know you’ll be counting the minutes until April 18th! Until then, enjoy this #sweettracks playlist to warm up your heart and existential angst.


*Record Store Day repeatedly asked not to be associated with this record.  


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