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New Fall 2012 Collection: Clearly Running Jacket & Vest new, product review meta: One of the new Fall 2012 pieces we’re most excited about here at Oiselle are the Clearly Jacket and Clearly Vest. It’s no secret that Seattle is known for being gray and rainy.


One of the new Fall 2012 pieces we’re most excited about here at Oiselle are the Clearly Jacket and Clearly Vest. It’s no secret that Seattle is known for being gray and rainy. And while there are cities in the USA picking up more inches of rain per year, we deal with a steady day in day out misty rain for the majority of the year. To keep up mileage without becoming as drippy as the winter days you need to have the right gear. 

When we set out to design and create the perfect rain jacket we knew what we wanted. It needed to be rain resistant while maintaining high breathability. We wanted rain to stay out but also want the sweat to be pulled away from you body and out. No one likes a jacket sauna. 

What we ended up with is a fabric that provides the best of both worlds. The clearly jacket and vest have a 10,000mm waterproof rating, and moisture permeability of 20,000mm.

Understanding waterproof ratings

  • 0mm: not waterproof in any way.
  • 0mm-1000mm: rain resistant, but not waterproof.
  • 1000mm-5000mm: rainproof but not waterproof under pressure (sitting on or leaning against wet surfaces).
  • 5000mm-15,000mm: totally rainproof and generally waterproof unless under serious pressure.
  • 15,000mm-30,000mm: totally waterproof. Can withstand shallow-depth submersion without leaking (fishing waders, drysuits for sailing).
  • 35,000mm and up: Solid vessels and non-porous materials. Nalgene bottles, rubber galoshes, aircraft carriers.

(above table references Backcountry Beacon post)

At 10,000mm the Clearly Jacket and Vest fabric falls into the 5,000mm – 15,000. Rainproof, but not 100% waterproof. What sets this fabric apart is that it is a knit.

It stretches, moves easily, and never restricts your arm swing or movement. You’ll feel as comfortable as though you were wearing a regular knit top, but with all the benefits of a jacket: warm, rain and wind resistant. Plus all the bells and whistles a running jacket should have: four zip pockets, added vent at back top for extra ventilation, elastic at wrists (extra Garmin protection) and slight scoop at neck so you don't get any chin rubbing.


Mac Wear Test
We had our first truly rainy day here in Seattle in many months and I was excited to take the Clearly Jacket out for The Monday Night Run with Super Jock n Jill. I layered my Heathered Tech Top under the jacket threw on my stride shorts and headed out into the rain.

The temperature was is the low 50s. The jacket was a little too warm for those conditions so I ran with the sleeves pushed up. The fabric is so stretchy and light, it was incredibly comfortable to roll the sleeves right up. None of that that crunchy, awkward jacket feel with the weird Velcro wrist adjustments.

You know a garment is passing the test, when you forget to think about it. After rolling up the sleeves I didn’t think another thing of the jacket. Just chatted with the Monday Night Run group faithful as we splashed through rain and puddles.

After the run the buyer at Super Jock n Jill, Daniel, asked how the jacket was. Oh! Yes, the jacket. It was great! I unzipped the jacket to find my shirt underneath slightly damp, whether from sweat or rain I’m not sure. All I know is I felt dry and warm, but never stifled or hot, the entire 8 mile run through rainy dark Seattle.

Verdict: Need to buy the vest for  45°-55° days and will layer long sleeves under jacket for 37° - 45° and rain.


October 13, 2012 — sarah

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