The Flock


A few weeks ago I got to hang with our favorite crew in Seattle. Now I'm planning a return trip, and I've been thinking back as I look forward. Why am I so excited for the second time? Because of all the fun things I learn the first time 'round.

Office culture:

Less cubicle, more sleep over. If sleepover implied time that was not only fun, but über productive, and girl-powery.

Coffee discovery:

My stubborn side comes out when ordering Starbucks. Why ask for a grande when I can have a medium. Not in Seattle. Ms. Know-it-all just looks like she lives under a rock. I came around after that first, embarrassing, group coffee run. And I discovered so many new things when I finally opened to the experience (find a moral in there somewhere).

Some finds…

-flavors you can add. like dunkin donuts! (my east coast is showing)

-different blends. they have names! they change... daily!

-reserve roasts. they are expensive! that must mean they are good! or sustainable!

-this cool pressy coffee thingy called the clover. it "uses innovative Vacuum-Press™ technology to create your cup right in front of you" (thank you it also creates a cool cylinder of mushed coffee grounds that comes out the top. they don't give that to you, but I enjoyed watching it form.

Run this city

Seattle has the weirdest layout. There is water on all sides. Water in the middle. It all connects, somehow.  But it's not an island, none of the bodies are an ocean, but some are salty. However it works, one thing is for sure: it's awesome for running. You are never far from a great view. Paths crisscross the city, and circumvent the lakes (like the one literally a block from HQ). Did my first long run back from break while there. Our victory picture:

There are eagles in them there hills:

Seriously. Big, badass ones. Got to see some during the ultimate summer day on Mercer Lake, with Sally and Sarah Lesko and families. My mom thinks I'm a jerky driver in her car, whole other level when behind the wheel of a boat.

I only wish my trip had overlapped with Olympic track coverage. Especially with the sweet new viewing couch. Maybe Mac, JJ and I can reenact exciting moments from the Games when I go back (modeling, acting, same deal... right?!). I'm working on my Galen impression.

Atsuko Tamara