Lauren Fleshman: pro-runner for #oiselleteam, mama, writer and Picky Bars co-founder lays out her Oiselle wishlist picks. This weekend only, you can shop her list at 15% off just enter code: PROPICKS at checkout.

Podium PJ's
They feel completely broken in from day one, and they are definitely my fave pj's. I'll obviously be wearing them before races, but I like how the message makes me feel like an athlete every night before bed, and it motivates me to sleep like a champ.

Lux Pant
A lot of people don't realize that an important recovery strategy is to change your clothes right after a workout. Sitting around in sweaty stuff drops your core temperature which means your body has to work extra hard to warm up rather than using its energy absorbing all the hard work you just put in! Before you sit down to coffee with your friends after your long run, pop into the bathroom and change into some dry lux pants. I always keep a pair in my sports bag.

Neon Strappy
Tight compression for my tatas and a thick strap to pop my heart rate monitor under. And the colorful straps make every outfit more spicy.\

Flyte Long Sleeve in Grey
It's beautiful. It brightens people's day when they see it. It's anti-microbial. I can wear it three times without washing it. What more do you need?

Fyte shorts
These keep my cheeks warm as a baselayer under my tights in the winter, and are going to be a favorite for my speed workout days come spring. They are also my go-to for getting massage or PT.

Time Out Sweats
Until these came out, I was still rocking my paint-stained college sweat pants that were big enough for three teammates to fit inside of. Softest sweats ever, and I love the tight little 80's ankles. Order em a size up and you can tuck your feet inside em like footed pj's :).

Formerly one to go commando in running gear because I hated how underwear fit under spandex, these changed my mind. They are a little more expensive than I was expecting, but when you wear them you get it. Doesn't cut in anywhere, very high performance, well-made...these will be in my underwear drawer for a looooooong time.

Oiselle Hoodie
Staple item. I wear this at least 3 x week. Some people like it loose. I like it sized down. Also as seen below, it's an ice bath photoshoot essential.



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