Bananas are having a moment. Before we get to the subject of fashion and adornment, let’s just stop and appreciate the spirit of the banana. In many ways, it can be summed up as such:

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“But gets in trouble sometimes.”

And can’t we all agree that “the getting in trouble sometimes” is often the spice (or the Bananas Crème Brulée) of life? Those risks, those flyers, those “hell, why not?” Or “I might fail but at least I got out of the house” moments.

It all comes down to this: bananas are good trouble.

Bananas are the fruit of the curious 


Bananas are the humility makers - because falling down is not only funny but relatable 


Bananas are a communication device. When smartphones are down, the banana phone is always up. 


Bananas are phallic of course. We don’t sell underwear for men, but who among us has not heard of the banana hammock?

And bananas are good people too.

A person in a banana costume, might beat you in a 5K, as happened to me in Austin, Texas.

Of course, there was that time I registered my race bib name as 'Bananas' with the hope of hearing "Go Bananas!" throughout the entire Eugene Marathon. Not so much...

Personally, my family has always taken to the story of Banana Sam, the squirrel monkey who was kidnapped from the San Francisco Zoo, but found two days later.

And all this without even mentioning the fruit. The sweet, sweet, potassium rich fiber of this plantain beauty.

Some people won’t return to their homes at night unless there are bananas there. We see you Hannah Calvert. 


What other fruit can claim an entire food category - banana bread - as the upside of its rotting flesh? 

What other ingredient can blend seamlessly from smoothie to ice cream to baked goods to blackened soft nuggets that look like turds but are infinitely edible? banana_snack.pngSo I guess when you look at the banana body of work, it comes as no surprise that in these trying times, the world turns to life’s simple pleasures in order to find its way. Pets of course, come to mind. But to be honest, bananas are far less work and more delicious.

And to hell if a life well lived doesn’t require some risk. It requires taking flyers. It NEEDS good trouble. And therefore we ask ourselves - and you my friends! - what it looks like? To indeed, GO BANANAS, in a way that’s meaningful for you. 

It could be small bananas (run without your Garmin) or it could be big (quit your job and live in a yurt), but whatever it is, celebrate the spirit of going bananas in some form or fashion.

If you choose fashion, we have this killer tee. And a Go Bananas dance choreographed by none other than Lauren Fleshman (who knew the woman ALSO had banana dancing skills?) IF THAT WASN’T ENOUGH, no Oiselle web order will go unshipped without a Go Bananas sticker, starting today (while banana supplies last).


Thank you. Now get out there, honor the banana by causing some good trouble, tag us with @oiselle #GoBananas - and cause some good trouble! 

PS - We told you bananas were trending… a recent round up of bananas in the wild…


Spotted in boutiques from Seattle to Santa Monica. 


Also in stores at University Village!


Does Prada have a Banana Collection? Why yes they do. You can get yourself a flaming banana dress for the low cost of $2,550


Last but certainly not least, the Banana Birds we found in Japan. 



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August 10, 2018 — Allyson Ely

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