In the Fall of 2015 we set out to build a better running layer. A layer that didn’t just thrive on the roads and tracks, but on the trails. In the places where climate and terrain can change in an instant, and when it comes to being comfortable, the stakes are high. 


Where did we begin? We listened. We spent hours with our running community and ultra-badasses like Devon Yanko. We learned about the unique needs of long distances, changing climates, variable terrain. We heard stories about the obstacles of racing in these environments, what happens when gear fails you, and mapped the many ways these athletes need to move, run, (and fly!) 


The tendency in product development is to look high and low for a better product. To look outside for a smarter solution or a breakthrough design. To ask others the question - where would a better running layer come from? How must it be built, and why? How can we make sure it feels and looks as great as it works? It was an adventure in innovation, and we were searching for the holy grail. 


Yet, in all of this searching we discovered something profound. We realized the answer was right in front of us. Actually, it was within us.


The human body. With hearts that pump for 100 years, and minds that can build ideas they’ve never seen before. With skin that can dynamically respond to the temperature outside and regulate the temperature within. Our body owns the technology for the most sophisticated adaptive cooling system in the market. So, to honor the beautiful machine that helps us run, fly, and dream - we began there. 


Enter Polartec, supreme partner and skilled purveyor of the finest technical fabrics on the marketplace. We worked with them to transform a cutting edge fabric technology  — Delta — into our HoverFit™ fabric and a one of a kind collection designed for the technical needs of trail athletes. We are proud to unveil the latest styles in our best-selling Flyout™ Collection. 


Flyout is designed for the rigors of road, trail, and mountain running. Lightweight fabrics skim the body and perform for the long haul- never clingy or restrictive. This season, we've added a bit more body length to the silhouettes for a bit more coverage - so when you jump, bound, and billy goat your way through the trails, or vest-up with on a hydration pack, you're covered. New colors and innovative designs (hellloooo Mile One Pullover) keep the collection at the front of the pack.


Flyout tops are made with HoverFit - a one of a kind cooling fabric that pulls moisture off your body to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable throughout weather and temperature changes on your run. Flyout shorts are made with a featherweight yet durable version of our beloved Roga stretch woven, with two rear pockets for the essentials. 


Think of them as your go to styles for your long, hot, sweaty, tough, extra challenging run. Wherever flight may take you — Flyout is the up for the challenge. 



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