by. Marilyn Keys
Kirkland, WA

Marilyn started running 18 years ago, her love affair has only gotten steamier over the years. Her favorite distance is the marathon and is currently training for Vancouver Marathon on May 4th.

I will never forget my first run. I was 15 years old and decided to join my dad for his daily 3 mile loop. I wore Vans. As much as I wanted to stop and walk, my dad would not let me. I remember being sore for at least a week after that run, but I wanted to do it again. It wasn’t long before I joined my high school track and cross country teams. I didn’t realize it then, but a lifelong love affair started that day I decided to join my dad for a run.
My love of running quite literally steered me to the love of my life. I met my husband at an intramural cross country race in college. We went for a run together on the morning of our wedding, and to this day our favorite way to spend time together is a long Saturday morning run.

It is hard to describe why I love running, almost like it would be hard to describe why I love my dog. I just do. I love the challenge of pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. I love seeing the best of humanity and people’s dreams come true at the finish line of a race. I even love the purple toenails, piles of extra laundry and port-a-potty lines.

Who knew a 3 mile run all those years ago could bring me so much #runlove?

Atsuko Tamara