Holy mother of God, how am I going to finish this?

Apr 27, 2012


Or something like that. The question I've been asking myself as I get ready to run the Eugene full on Sunday. Right now, I have only three thoughts: 1) I have been completely awed, inspired, buoyed, humored, enlightened by the input (mostly tweets) of the Oiselle community who told us how they dealt with that first question. Amazing. 2) I am often grateful to my Dad (pictured), who can't run now, but who introduced me to the sport when he could. And 3) Some truths are eternal (and even go well on a t-shirt). His now-vintage R. Crumb "Keep on Truckin'" tee is still probably, to this day, the best advice for marathons -- and life. If you will be in Eugene this weekend, we hope to see you! I'll be the one with the bib number that says "Bananas" and thus feel free to holler "Go bananas!" as I run by. That, or "keep on truckin'!"

Papa Bergesen Truckin' circa 1972



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