We asked our Haute Volée what keeps them inspired to #chasethebird, tackle their dreams, and give it their all day after day...

"I keep going because I know I can get it. I'm inspired by the feeling I get when I imagine attaining it. I'm chasing that feeling."
– Kate Grace


"Every step is a step in the right direction, no matter how out of shape you feel. That's one benefit of coming back or starting out for the first time. You get to have a lot of days in a row, weeks, and months, where every time you run or workout you are improving. And that is rare."
– Christine Babcock

As Whence Stockdale from Good to Great once said, "Never lose faith in the end of the story." 
Laura Carlyle


"Acknowledge all of your small victories. They will add up to something great."
– Kara Goucher

"It's not the thought of winning, or having to win, or being expected to run a certain time. It's just about enjoying every step, every race, every workout, even if it hurts, and getting ready for what's to come."
Dominique Jackson

"On the tough days when I wonder why I'm doing this, I find inspiration by reminding myself I won't always have the ability to chase my dreams. That day may come tomorrow, or it may come many years from now, but I never want to look back and regret the days I could have pushed myself out the door, but didn't."
Anna Weber

"Own your dream. Make plans to see your dream come true. You control it which means you can achieve it."
– Britney Henry


"Knowing I have control of my own dreams inspires me to chase them. Dreams are one of the few things in life no one can take from you. Some may think you're crazy, but geez how lucky you are to get to prove them wrong! Always believe."
– Aubrey Moskal

"It is the relationships that are formed through the running community whether on a running high or a running low that make me love this sport so much more"
– Catherine Watkins


"Chasing a dream is all about walls breaking down and risks being taken. It's going to be hard and it is going to hurt, you will be tested and you will doubt, but it will be worth it."
Andrea Duke

"#alwaysplay: When I came back to professional running I wanted to always remember to love what I do. Sure there are tough workouts, challenging runs, moments where do just don't think you can keep going. But that's why you have teammates, they make you smile and remind you that you can."
– Sasha Gollish

"Why keep chasing my dream? I like the thoughtfulness that goes into the choosing. I like the chase. I like giving myself over to the desires of my heart. I like living on purpose."
– Lauren Fleshman


Right: photo by Melissa and Deron Ruse of SweetM Images

"I am a curious person. And in running that means continually seeking out new adventures, new challenges, asking "what am I capable of?". Whether that means running a distance that scares me or trying to go faster than I ever have, I want to see if I can ever reach my limit. The reality is there is no limit for this sport I love."
– Devon Yanko

"The early mornings; when it is just you, the trails, the sound of your feet, the beat of your heart, the breath in your lungs and the dreams in your head...those moments where you are allowed to dream the impossible and work towards making it come true."
Marisa Howard


"Running always brings a smile to my face. It keeps me grounded. It makes sure I take a few minutes out of every day to look around and think 'damn, life is beautiful!'" 
– Megan Rolland

"Have a purpose much bigger than yourself and run for it. When you run into tough days having a direction will remind you of where you're going and why. Shake off the rough days and soak in the confidence from the little things and you will be unstoppable in the pursuit of your ultimate purpose."
– Andie Cozzarelli


"When I'm 80 some years old and movements become shorter, slower, and softer; when I'm no longer able to run the way I did when I was younger, I want to be able to smile to myself and know that I was good to my body--that I trusted it enough to challenge it. To strengthen it. To love and empower it every day. To let it breathe and see places it never would have seen if it wasn't hiking, playing, swimming or running. Each of us has been given a beautiful body that works in incredible ways. Don't forget about it--use it, move it, and love it!"
– Caitlin Comfort

"Running allows me to explore what my mind and body are capable of achieving. The possibilities of finding a new success are limitless in the world of running."
– Jordan Hamric


"I like the process of all the little steps you have to take to get to those big moments. Those steps are what make the journey exciting and rewarding. They're what lead you to your untapped potential."
– Mel Lawrence

"The darkest moments yield the brightest returns - on and off the roads."
– Molly Friel


A lioness, face soaked in warm blood after a flawless kill. Knowing there is always another chase and something new to catch, keeps me driven to run!
– Shalaya Kipp

Awards and accolades are great, but running is more. Running is the process, the process of self-improvement, setting goals, achieving goals, and the reward of pushing yourself to new limits.
– Allison Maxson

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