In "Just Kids," a book about the artists Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe, there's a great section in which they describe their world in NYC, their poverty, and yet their happiness. In it they cherish a film camera, using it sparingly because the cost of film development was more than they could afford. Each shot had to be painstakingly considered. And yet each shot equaled their art, their inspiration.
Fast forward to our world of smartphone-instagram-publish at any time, or scrap it and start over. At this very minute, I have over 7,000 photos on my iPhone. All to say, we can capture our heart's desire at any moment - at any angle - repeat, redo or delete. Lucky for me, running is my love and Sarah "Mac" Robinson is my muse. When you meet her, you think, yes, tall, lean, athletic. When you hear her PR's, you think "Damn!" But when you see her run, it's like logic kicks in. Everything makes sense.
The Glow Mac Tee is inspired by Mac. It went from an Instagram photo I took when she was doing strides after our 5-mile run from the office. And then to a project in which I traced her silhouette in Illustrator to make the vector art (only took 2 cups of coffee and a Saturday morning). And it ended with a t-shirt design that we wanted to make fun and different...with glow in the dark ink! Yep, we've tested it. If you expose Glow Mac to light - and wear it in the dark, she will light up. Almost as bright as her in real life.