Kate Grace


Birds of a Feather Long Sleeve
Birds of a feather is the prime example of 'look good feel good'. It's a detailed, gorgeous top - a great #flystyle option. But then take it on a tempo, and it makes me want to fly.

Lace Tags
Lacing up flats before a race or workout, I get a glimpse of the tag, and it's like a secret smile spreads through my body. It's a reminder that what I am doing is my own... I have chosen this... I love it... and there are people out there who understand... who share in the secret.

New Scantron Bra
The colors are like candy. I didn't think it was possible to improve on the design of the first Scantron strappy. Lesson learned... never doubt Bergesen. The straps are thinner, which creates a beautiful outline. But it still gives great support. (My metric is the period test. As in... when it's that time of the month, and I want to avoid bouncing at all costs, the New Scantron is the only bra I will wear. Run without fear of boob pain!)


Moto Lesley Knicker
Knickers are awesome for cool weather workouts. They keep leg muscles compressed and happy, but I never overheat. And the design on these is beyond flattering. (Kate is also wearing the Livinit Jacket and Wazelle Long Sleeve)

New Lesley Tights
Lesleys are really the only tight I run in when temperatures go super low. Warm and insulating, but not over the edge of too bulky. (so, I don't get that feeling of sluggishness from all the winter layers).

Katron Pullover
Katron pullover and jeans = winter uniform.

Lucky Long Sleeve Top
What I love most about this top is the neck and collarbone details. Subtle but adds a feminine side to such a technical top. 


Wazelle Long Sleeve
A great long sleeve shirt is everything. Seamless, wicking and antimicrobial....this is a great long sleeve. (Kate is also wearing the Moto Lesley Knicker)

Charcoal Joggings
Loving all the tights this season, but the Joggings are my original "going out" leggings. As in... I would much rather grab these than a pair of jeans when heading to do errands. 

Wazzie Wool Sweatshirt
Woooool. When my mom moved us from Los Angeles to Utah, I had to do a crash course in how to survive (thrive!) in a winter climate. Enter: the magical wool base layer. The material is the ultimate example of how you really can't improve on what nature has made. Wicking and insulating, I plan to live in this all winter. 

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