Sarah Mac

Spring 2014 brings two new tights to the line up! The Go Joggings (+ Charcoal Joggings) and the Flow Tight. The basic black tight is a staple and finding the right one for your body and workouts is the ticket to running happiness (among other things). So let's take a closer look at the line-up.

Listed below is the inseam for each tight in size medium. To figure out the inseam for a small you would subtract .75" or for a large you would add .75".

Go Joggings M: 26.75" | +/- .75"
Flow Tight M: 23.5" | +/- .75"
Lesley Tight M: 26" | +/- .75"


Each tight has a zip pocket. The Flow Tight and Go Joggings have horizontal zip pockets built in the waistband. The pocket on the Go Joggings is larger because the waistband is wider and it's in the back, roomy enough for an iPhone. The Flow Tight pocket is small and in the front. The Lesley Tight has a rear zip pocket. Follow the circles below to find each tights' zips.


As always if you have questions, need help with sizing, or just want to say hi, tweet us or email We're here to be your personal shoppers.