This blog may be from early 2014, but dynamic warm ups never lose relevance. So, if you've been on a drill hiatus, get ready to set your run off with a new fresh start.

Little Wing takes us through their dynamic warm up. They complete this entire circuit before every run. All you need is 30 meters of space - grass, sidewalk, alley, whatever! Lauren Fleshman swears by this warmup because no matter how small the warmup area provided at a track meet she can make it work. Complete 8-10 reps of each exercise and you'll be all warmed up and ready to run or race. Scroll to end of blog for complete video of the warmup.


Knee to Chest
As you walk a straight line bring your right knee to you chest. Your left leg is supporting, straight and you'll raise up on your left foot. Then hug your left knee to your chest while raising up on your right foot. Keep you core engaged and strong, no backbending.

Heel to Butt
Again as you walk, bring your right foot to your butt, left leg stabalizes. Switch with each step. Remember core strong, straight back.


Forward Lunge
Take a normal step out and drop into a lunge. Be sure your back is straight and your knee is directly over ankle. Not only are you engaging your quads, hamstrings and glutes, you're also getting a great stretch in the opposite hip flexor.



Side Lunge
Side lunge out to the right, sink in, then switch directions and side lunge with your left foot. Go out and back 10 strides.


Backward Lunge
You'll need to keep your core tight on this and balance as you lunge backward. Same form at forward lunge.

Bear Crawl
Almost like a downward dog on the move. You'll bring your hands to the ground and walk them out, creating an upside down V with your body. Walk with hands and feet. Heels should hit first on feet, not on tippy toes. You'll feel a very deep hamstring stretch.

Mountain Climbers
These are more like an 'army crawl' then what you may consider mountain climbers. Stay low to the ground as you crawl on hands and feet. You'll step out with your right hand, then step your right foot out to meet the hand and vice versa.


Basic skipping routine. Be sure to go out and back on each skip.

Your basic forward skip, power from your glutes, keep core engaged.

Skips to the side, be sure to go both ways.

Drive your knee up and over the other as you weave your way across the field. See video at end of blog for demo.

Skip backward, driving your foot back.

Backward Running
Mimic your backward skipping but run this time.



Neck Rotation
Roll your neck one direction about 10 times, then switch.

Shoulder Rolls (backward/forward)
Roll your shoulders backward about 10 times, then forward.

Full Arm Circles (backward/forward)
Arms straight, imagine you are in a narrow hallway and you don't want to touch the walls on either side as you create arm circles forward (10) and then back.

Washing Machine
Rotate from hips, twist body side to side... almost like you're trying to 'crack your back'.

Around the World
Hands clasped, fingers pointed imagine you are in front of a wall and you're going to paint a big circle on it. Without bending your knees paint that circle from the tippy top to the as low as you can go.

Hip Rotation
Stand up and make circles with your hips, 10 one way, then switch.

Knee Circles
Stand straight, hands on knees, now bend those knees with ankle together and make little circles with your knees. Go one direction 10 times, then switch. This way seem like it's for your knees but it's really getting into your ankles


Ankle Circles
Toe into the ground, roll your ankle in circles. One direction then switch. Same thing with other foot.

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Allyson Ely