Racing, training and marathoning hit a peak this month. Having a black toenail (or two...or no toenail at all) isn’t out of the ordinary. Whether you crushed a race this month or are spiking up for one on the horizon, your toes are proof of the miles of hard work you put in on the road and on the track. Today on twitter we want you to be proud of those imperfections and show us your runner toes! 


How to Enter
1. Follow @oiselle on twitter
2. Tell us: how many toenails do your runner feet have? Photo gets you a duble entry!
3. Use #marathonmonth and tell us @oiselle

One follower will win a vital marathon toes “revive” kit. Includes: exclusive Oiselle shoelaces and a pedicure kit to keep your toes fresh.

Contest ends 4/25 at 2 pm PST. One winner will be announced on twitter shortly after. Ready? Get counting! 




jacquelyn scofield