Heather Stephens

We’re vibing on a theme here at the Nest: Bold Alone. Better Together. We build and thrive with people who are different from ourselves. People who are willing to hear our opinions, understand our positions, and even offer alternatives. People who push our limits and make us stronger. Our differences help us explore, connect, grow. Our differences make us a sum greater than our parts. Alone, we are bold. But together, we are better. 


Mix Don't Match Challenge

1. Choose a person in your life who inspires you, pushes you to be better, and/or runs alongside you through the process. Some ideas:

  • Your Muse: the person who inspires you to be great through their own work. 
  • Your Mentor: the person who leads you through life’s challenges and pushes you to be a better version of yourself.
  • Your Main Squeeze: the person who is there for you through it all. The whole journey. Highs and lows.

2. Share your #mixdontmatch run pal on either Twitter or Instagram. Bonus: photo included. 

3. Remember to use hashtag #mixdontmatch, tag @oiselle and your run pal.  


4. Follow the hashtag #mixdontmatch for inspiration! 



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