Are You Burned Out on Running? Join the Brulée!

Mar 31, 2016


Oiselle’s newest team. When you don't want to run anymore...

Finally. A team for couch sitters. A community of people you can call on to watch Family Guy reruns – wherever you live! Got big dreams of donuts? We’ll help you order them. Seeking a drinking buddy? We have meet-ups for you! 

We know running burns us all out. We’re all in this together…let’s see how little we can do. Know you’re with people who will help you achieve more inactivity. With each training cycle, you’ll see improvements in your ability nothing! It’s easy to get started. Even better, our in-house coaching team is here to discourage your derailment attempts. (You want to run today? Absolutely not.)

Wondering how to join and stop running!? It’s easy. We’re here to infect you.

Your Brulée kit includes:

  • Early morning smokes. Learn to roll your own!
  • Netflix… all day, every day, never stop
  • Grandma panties and a slouchy sweatsuit
  • Shoe bonfire starter kit
  • And a rousing team motto… “give ‘em the bird!”
  • Join us. Or don’t. We'll just be sitting here. 

Running is for losers. Settle in and settle down! Join today!




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