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Working at the Oiselle store is the perfect excuse to wear all Oiselle... all the time. But, with great blessings comes a touch of a curse (not dramatic, at all). How does a Oiselle stylist mix and match pieces day in and day out, without feeling like they have to buy the entire store to keep their outfits looking fresh and creative? Oiselle store Sales Associate + Stylist, Rachel, shows us how she masterfully crafts a week's worth of Oiselle powersuits. Rachel, take it away!



For my first outfit of the week I wore my Pocket Joggers, a fun graphic tee, my Oiselle Baseball Cap, and Birkenstocks. This past week Seattle has been hit with some gorgeous weather, so I broke out the sandals and capris. I have long legs, so I love the Pocket Joggers because not only are they super cute but they don’t ride up my knees. I liked that my tee and Birkenstocks took the bottoms from an athletic look, to a more relaxed Saturday vibe.


The next day was still sunny, but a little cooler so I paired my favorite jeans with the Flyte Full Zip in Snap. I find the full zip to be extremely flattering because the color, fabric, and fit are all perfect. Immediate confidence booster.


Now, I’m not usually into skirts or dresses of any type... but the Roga Skirt somehow found its way into my wardrobe! I love that the skirt provides the same function and comfort of the Roga Shorts, but with a more feminine feel. I layered a leather jacket over my Flyout Short Sleeve to up the baddass factor. 


I own four pairs of Aero Tights (yeah I know I have a problem), but my Slate ones are my absolute favorite. Slate Aeros, a white tee + the Snap Hi-Ten Bra has been my ultimate go-to outfit this spring. I paired it with my Origami Bomber and a Baseball Cap.


Seatte finally hit 72º the other day! Naturally I had to break out the Denim Lori Shorts. Zero poof, comfort, function, and style. I just threw a white tee over my Plum Hi-Ten Bra, put on my hi-top converse and I am set for a chill sunny day look. 


I love the Flyout Short Sleeve so much I had to get another one in the midnight color-way. I paired it with some faded black jeans, black Vans, and my Aero Jacket. I’m a little late to the game and only just discovered the magic of the Aero Jacket a few weeks ago, and my life has been forever changed. It goes with EVERYTHING. You can wear it on a run, or to the bar, or like I wore it, with just jeans and sneakers. Amazing.


I wore the Spring Wazzie Wool Racerback Tank with my Portman Pants (they will change your life) and a jean jacket. Because I’m all leg it’s hard for me to find a tight that is long enough for me, but the Portman’s hit me right at the ankle which is perfect. The Wazzie Wool is not itchy at all and kept me at the perfect temperature all day, even through the alternating sunshine and rainstorms (thanks, Seattle). Throw on a baseball cap and some sneakers and you’re ready for anything.

If you have been having those "what to wear?" moments, hopefully this was just the inspiration you needed to pair your Oiselle pieces in bold new ways to keep you feeling confident throughout the day. #Powersuit up!

- Rachel

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