Maybe it’s because we live in the #PNW, but we love the whole idea of “evergreen.” Evergreen trees, evergreen forests, and yes, evergreen designs. Those styles that we come back to year in, year out. A quick tour through the Internet indicates that the word evergreen also means “having an enduring freshness, success, or popularity.” It goes on:  “Such as in Hollywood, Star Trek is an evergreen asset.” Ah Hollywood and "evergreen assets." Star Trek, yes. Talented women actors over the age of 35, no. But I digress.

The Vim Jacket and Vigor Vest, which we introduced for the first time in the Fall of 2016, have earned their way onto Team Evergreen. Like most technical apparel, it starts with the fabric. For these designs we work with Pertex, a textile leader from Japan, with their Microlight collection. Without going full textile nerd on you, there’s two things this fabric brings to the party: ultra light-weight, ideal for packing, wearing, and carrying (on the run), as well as mechanical wind/water resistance that avoids chemical coatings and ingredients. In fact, the wind resistance level and testing is so high, you can grab these styles next time you need to run in (or from) a Category 5 hurricane. Its break point for pressure tears is off the charts.


Not to be outdone by the power of the fabric, both designs also include:

  • 360 Reflectivity (back, front, sides of jacket)
  • Two full front zip pockets
  • Stuff pocket-pouch with elastic hand/armband
  • Fully adjustable hem
  • 2-4 ounces, ultra-light, highly compressible
  • Jacket: full hood with barrel closure adjustability and snap loop for storing


And new color! In addition to the return of black, we’re happy to introduce you to two new colors of the Fall 18 season: Marigold and Fast Pink. Marigold gives this rain shell a classic raincoat vibe, but without the bulky weight. And Fast Pink is a gorgeous new light salmon-y pink (to go with our evergreen trees yo).


So if you love to run outside all year long like we do, you have a friend in Vim + Vigor. From the evergreen PNW with love...



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