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These uniquely designed seamless tights have a few important differences: first, the special ultra-soft knit is also substantial, with a raised texture that make them body-hugging but less body-showing. The side panels have an inset rib, adding streamlined detail. The waistband is high and ribbed, but also flexible, so they relax as you wear them, without pinching or squeezing. They're the tights you'll forget you have on!

- nylon / spandex
- inset rib side panels
- ribbed waistband
- 24.5" inseam (size small)


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At Oiselle, our vision is to help all women feel strong and free through the joy of running. Our mission is to design great product, build the sisterhood, and improve the sport. May we all experience the transformative power of sports and community.

Customer Reviews

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Pleasantly surprised

To be honest, I was very skeptical of these tights. I had heard mixed reviews on how they fit great on some women and not so great on other women. I kept having flashbacks of the seamless Bolt tights and Juno tights and how they just didn't work for my petite body. I decided to take the plunge in December 2021 and buy myself a pair. I am so glad I did! This version of seamless tights fit nothing like the Bolt and Juno tights. They aren't too long and they are snug in the thighs (a good kind of snug- like a hug). The waist is high and almost comes up to my breasts but I really don't care because they are so comfortable. They don't fall down during a run and I don't have to stop every mile to hike them back up. I lounge in them, sleep in them, run errands in them, and even dress them up for date nights. I loved the first pair I bought so much that I have since bought 2 more pairs! These are the most versatile pair of running tights I have ever owned. For reference, I am 5'5" and wear a size XS/2 in all O apparel. If you have slimmer thighs, these might not be the best tight for you. But if you have Bonnie Blair type thighs (like me!) these will be perfect for you because they mold to your body and stay put during a run.

Seams gave out

I appreciated how seamless these looked on my waist and as others have said, the waist gave out quickly and I was constantly pulling them up but the thighs were tight so constant saggy crotch. And just the other day the seams gave out in the crotch. Not the best legging (I wouldn’t even consider running in these).

We appreciate your feedback on our Super Seamless Tights! Our customer care team will reach out to address your concerns and try to make this right for you, and we will share your thoughts with our Design Team.

Won’t stay up on a curvy body

The material is nice and thick so I was super excited about them for winter running. Unfortunately, doesn’t look like they’ll be good for running at all. I took care to pull them up high before I started but they started creeping down immediately upon running and there was an annoying amount of crotch sag within the first mile. So sad that I can’t return them after one wear since they were so expensive. I’m 5’7” with thick thighs and a booty and ordered the large. Agree with others that the thighs are a little too tight and the waist is a little too loose, that must be why they slide down

We appreciate your feedback on our Super Seamless Tights! Our customer care team will reach out to address your concerns and try to make this right for you, and we will share your thoughts with our Design Team.

IF you are short these are perfect

After reading many of the reviews, it sounded like these were best for someone under 5'4". It is definitely true. Most of the time I run in shorts with knee highs because I can never find leggings that are too long, that I have to constantly pull up or roll up. The high waist stays put due to the compression like material. The legs stay put ( and are shorter than normal leggings) because there is not any extra material to fall down. I think these are perfect for a shorter person like myself, at 5'3". I ran 7 miles in them and did not have to adjust at all during that run. If you are taller, probably not the best tight. I do like the high waist and will not be rolling it down. It does a great job of keeping in my pouch after 3 c-sections. The seamless ness of these tights makes for not itchy feeling either!