Better than ever, with an updated, higher rise. The Lux Go Anywhere Tights maintain their magic from Heavy Lux, which is all things wonderful: soft, compressive, and durable, getting better with every wash. We increased the rise a bit for that full, flattering coverage, and stay-put fit. We kept the big side pockets and the just-right length (which is the same from prior seasons). An internal infinity drawcord allows adjustability when you need it. The tights and fabric of the season!

- Heavyweight Lux (polyester / spandex)
- interior drawcord
- 2 side pockets
- 23" inseam (size 4)

Customer Reviews

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Meagan Dunn-Cole
Waist:Hip ratio off

I Love all things Lux. I have several prior versions of Lux leggings and joggers and tops. As soon as these tights were released, I ordered pairs in multiple colors (and joggers too). Much to my surprise, there is a super rigid , tiny drawstring waistband that feels like a cotton shoelace squeezed inside the soft buttery Lux. The waist feels like someone stitched the ends of a shoelace together, hard and scratchy with no give. The pants themselves are soft and sized normally but the waistband is drastically incorrectly sized for the pants. This is actually also the same on this batch/season/color wave of joggers as well. Super disappointed with this round of Lux bottoms and hope the innovation continues. The wide stretchy waistbands are much more flattering than these narrow ridged shoelace ties.

Love Lux

I love the way the lux feels and it is my go to pants. Love the deep pockets. The waist is high, but I can live with it, because the pants fits me nicely. I would like to have these in knickers.

Monica Weichand

I absolutely love the Lux material so I ordered these tights. They go 3" above my belly button. It feels like I'm wearing a corset all day. I thought after I wore them a couple of times, they would feel better, but each time I wear them, I regret it for the rest of the day. The waistband is so tight, I originally ordered a size 4 (I'm 5'4" and 110lbs.), then returned those and bought a size six. I'm sorry I wore them, because now I'm stuck with them.

Karina Derksen-Schrock
Love these!

These pants are amazing! I have older models of the Lux go anywhere and I personally love the changes to the waist - higher and stay put! Wish there were more colors!

Jordan Kelch
Would be perfect if it weren't for the waist band

Ughhhh this fabric is amazing and everything felt amazing except for the waist band... It is just too tight. And it's a lot higher than I expected. It felt like there was a rubberband around my stomach. I wanted so badly for these to work but after a few minutes I just couldn't do it.

Angela Knotts
What's with the new SUPER TIGHT waist??

I've worn the same size in Oiselle bottoms for over 10 years, but this year's version of the tights now all seem to have this INSANELY high and tight waist. Like, not just-a-little-tight-size-up; they fit the same everywhere else, but the waistband is now so tight and uncomfortable that they're basically unwearable. (All my other bottoms in the same size still fit perfectly so I know it's not just the COVID fluff!) They pinch so bad they give me a stomach ache just wearing them around the house; forget trying to run in them, the pinching is intolerable. I thought maybe I could get used to it or that they would stretch out a little, but instead I just have an $80+ pair of unwearable tights. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go back to the old fit. :(

Mary T.
LOVE! But inconsistent sizing

I adore these tights. I have four pairs in various colors and iterations. Each iteration fits slightly different. This year, they seem to fit differently even between colors. I have black and empire/queen. Both have a tighter waist than my douglas fir pair from last year. I stuck with my usual size, because I think they'd be saggy in the butt if I sized up. Empire/queen has a much higher rise than the black. I'm 5'8" and the waist comes up well past my belly button. The black sits closer to a normal high rise.

My favorite leggings of all time!

Amazing fit! They stay put in waist and crotch and length is perfect for me! The fabric is sooo soft and looks great. Can't believe these leggings won't be available anymore. I don't know if I have the old model or the revised one, but I am stocking up and hope the ones I order today will fit just as perfectly.

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