These tights. A smooth design with minimal seams. A convertible inseam - where you can simply fold the hem to desired length. An insanely soft, micro-peached knit (bird hug!). And a reversible design that can be worn both ways. Plus versatility: these tights seamlessly move from running to yoga to lounging.

- Bird Hug Fabric (polyester / spandex)
- reversible design
- large rear waist pocket fits an IPhone
- 25.5" inseam (all sizes)

Customer Reviews

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So comfortable, pocket is awesome!

Please make more colors/designs! I love these. They’re light yet warm, and soft and not constricting but also hold everything in. I was skeptical that a zipper-less pocket would be secure enough for my phone but it is wonderful — no bouncing around and no chafing like I get from the oiselle shorts on longer runs due to the phone bumping ever-so-slightly around in the back pocket. Because this is such a smooth fabric, there’s nothing to rub. I’m 5’2” 121 lbs. bought the 2. Fits great, but I could probably wear a 4 too and be comfortable.

Melanie Kelsey
Smooth like butter

Holy moly! These tights are the softest smoothest tights I’ve ever worn. Can’t wait to break them in on a run!!!

Jennie B
So great!!!

I ordered these as part of my first-ever purchase with Oiselle...they looked so cute and the bird print/solid blue was on sale in my size (big bonus). I am 5’1”, middle-aged, a mom, and athletically built. The size 4 tights are perfect for me. They do come up really high - practically to the sports bra, but in this cold New England winter, I’m happy for more coverage. I can fold it down once things warm up here. These do not droop down on me as other reviewers noted; they stay up and hold up for runs, as well as snowshoe hikes and skiing under my snow pants. I even wore them to work with a tunic top all day and then changed my top to go out and sweat on the trail - comfortable for hours! These tights are buttery soft and my daughter (6th grade) has already tried to snag way! Let mom be fashionable for once, right?!

Carolynn Hallbright

These tights are my new favorites. I’m not a runner, but they are great for my HIIT and weight lifting routines. They stay in place and aren’t too tight around the waist. The fabric is soooooo soft and warm. I also love that they’re reversible. I’m recommending them to everyone I know! Would love to see even more patterns!

Kira W.
Sweet tights

Can’t rave enough about these, treat yourself - you won’t regret it. Crazy soft fabric, love the reversible option, love the seamless ankle (no more struggling to take off tight-ankle sweaty running tights), love the pattern, love the back pocket. I have to add a layer underneath on cold days (35 deg or less), no big deal.

WHAT how are these even possible?!

These are legitimately the softest things I have ever put on my body. They have almost a velvety feel, like sliding your legs in a soft frosting. Or like the soft skin of a fresh peach. I'm getting weird here... They stay in place while running, doing yoga, chasing the dog, etc. The little back pocket is handy for keys, but I'd be hesitant to put anything larger in it. Highly, highly recommend.

Soft, comfy, durable!

I have two pairs of these tights - the first I got ~2 years ago when they first came out; the second I got last winter. I wasn't sure the high price point would be worth it, but right out of the bag they are soft like no material I have ever felt. The older pair has lost its softness a little bit after very frequent wear, but is still much nicer than any of my other tights. They fit me quite well - I'm 5'9", 145lbs with a 28" waist and the high waist is comfy without being constricting. The rear pocket doesn't have a clasp, but I've put gloves, keys, etc., in for 10+ mile runs without anything falling out. Neither pair has any pulls or tears on them, which is remarkable. They are on the thicker side of tights; I prefer them for running in colder temperatures (or hiking and lounging around the house).

You didn't mention the SERIOUSLY MAGICAL dog-hair repelling powers of bird hug fabric

Okay, they're soft, they're flattering, I don't even run in them because I need them to last forever and (since nobody I work with sees how I'm dressed below the waist anymore), they're basically my favorite work pants. I definitely like them a lot more than any leggings I have from any other purveyor of athletic or loungewear.


A lot of people make soft flattering leggings. What NOBODY ELSE HAS MANAGED TO DO, but Oiselle has done here, is make soft flattering leggings that SHED DOG HAIR LIKE THAT'S THEIR JOB. I got these in black. I have a tan/yellow husky mix (see photo) who sheds like it's his primary hobby. In the morning when he is sluggish and less independent than usual, we have a morning snuggle. If I did this in any other pair of leggings I would look until I changed like a person who has given up entirely on human norms, company, and social expectations. I would look like an unrepentant crazy dog lady. (I have a pair of leggings that were gifted to me— basically the equivalent of these from a well-known yoga wear company to which I do not like to give my personal money because of their creepyness, sizism, and weird affection for Ayn Rand, among other things— and if I hit those tights with a sticky roller post-dog-cuddle, four roller sheets will only get about 60% of the shed. There is a plateau of hair removal beyond which nothing is effective except a run through the washer and dryer.) IN THESE LEGGINGS, SOMEHOW, I can cuddle my dog and when I get up and walk away I only have a few hairs on me, which easily brush off.

I feel like this is a seriously undersold dimension of bird hug fabric. It should probably be called "dog hug" instead, because it allows for unchecked dog hugging. Like, unless this is somehow a feature of how my particular dog's particular hairs interact with this particular textile, Oiselle has made an enormous innovation that could change the lives of dog-owning leggings-wearers the world over.

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