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The full zip dress that gives new meaning to easy on, easy off. Wear it solo, layered over a long sleeve, or open to your tank and denim. Light, airy, and with a just right amount of stretch, our Breeze Woven fabric is a hot weather hero. Bonus: it washes and wears like a dream, and is wrinkle resistant. Just add the beautiful illustrations of Marisol Ortega and it's the standout dress of the season.

- Breeze Woven (polyester / spandex)
- full zip front opening
- front hand pockets
- 35" body length (size 4)

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Susan M.
My summer WFH Go To

I love this super lightweight dress for any hot days when I'm working from home. The material has just the right stretch, and the flowy fit is extremely comfortable. And course, POCKETS! You do definitely need to size down. I wear a 4-6 in short, and Sm-Med in tops, and I bought this dress in a size 2. It fit very comfortably.

Aileen J.
Comfortable and Cool

I bought this hoping it would be loose and comfortable. I wear this while relaxing and watering my yard, running errands, etc. I like the green leaf print- colorful and fun. It wasn’t meant to be fitted any I knew that. Still dressy enough for my work zoom meetings, etc. I really like it and it is not see through.

Doesn't hold a candle to the Passport Dress

Oh boy. I saw the new prints this year and almost leapt out of my skin with excitement. They were so vivacious - exactly what I'd been hoping for as a tiny, personal reaction to This Bleeping Year. I held my breath - the Passport Dress and the Passport Racerback Tank are two of my favorite items of clothing I've ever worn. The dress, in particular, is the primary determinant of when I do laundry. Worn it enough that it's starting to get ripe? Welp. Time to run a load! It's light, it's cool, it magically doesn't get dragged out of shape when I put things (my phone, even!) in the pockets. A genuine glory. There were complaints about it being baggy, but I always felt that it was a dress designed for a body in motion, and that it was perfect for that. Would these wonderful designs come back in these amazing prints? I waited. And waited.

And... Hmmm... I was excited to see this dress but very apprehensive about the heavy zipper down the front. On such light fabric and such a loose design, wouldn't it pull things in all the wrong ways? Wouldn't it make unsightly lumps and dimples instead of gentle undulating waves? I am sorry to say that, yes, it does. And it makes what was a deliciously structureless summer design feel heavy.

The zipper and piping aren't the only changes, though. The dress is *huge*. I wear an 8 in the Passport Dress. The 8 in the Aviary Dress is about an inch longer. It's also an inch wider around the chest. The hips, however, are the same size. So the 8 fits me in the hips but has billowy excess around my midriff. It makes me look and feel like I'm wearing a frumpy 1960s house dress. The 6 is much better in every respect except, of course, it's tight around the hips.

Because the hips are now tight, things in the pockets are much more apparent - pressed into the shape of the front of the dress rather than almost invisibly floating behind it. Bummer.

The only other major change is that the straps are a little wider. You can get a little more air if you unzip the zipper a bit, but because of the heavy zipper they then stick out under your chin like the pointy collar on a Disney villain's costume. Maybe they'll lie flatter with time?

I was apprehensive about the light background of the lemon tree print - would it show Everything? But there's something quietly brilliant going on here. Because the background isn't white but the palest mint green (to allow the flowers to stand out as a crisp white), it allows dark underthings to kind of... disappear into shadow. It's not perfect - you can see the outline of the pockets (which are light-colored) and I'm trying it on over the yellow version of the scorset bra and you can absolutely see the contrasting stitching loud and clear, but I suspect that if I were to wear this over a dark bra it wouldn't show much, and I'm not really seeing my dark grey biker shorts or, if I remove them, my black underwear through the fabric. This isn't my biggest worry - others may be more put off by whatever does show through - but it's a pleasant surprise.

So... what to do? I... both hate this dress and think I'm keeping the size 6? Mostly to give my passport dress a few days off as we head towards weeks on end of mid 90s and huuumid. I am so sad that the passport dress is no more. And the passport tank. They were incredible less-is-more items and I would live in just them if I could. And they'd be adorable in these prints. This could have been so much better. The zipper and piping really don't add anything.

Great, versatile dress!

As a new mom, this dress caught my attention as a versatile solution for feeding and beyond. For me, it is working out great! Love the fit and fabric. I am 5' 3", 125 lbs and went with size 2.

Perfect for Relaxing

Loose, shift-style fit. Perfect for comfortable sitting during Zoom meetings now but I know I will also enjoy wearing this dress on vacations and adventures. I want it in every print! Forgiving fit, breathable fabric, fun prints.

Hannah M.
Way too big

This dress fit like a tent. The pattern is very cute and the pockets are very functional but it was just too big for my taste. I am between a 2 and 4 (120 lb, 5'4", athletic) and hoped that going down to a 2 would fit better but it was still too big. I ended up returning it. The patterns look better in person than online!

Alexandra G.
Really wanted to like it

I was excited about this dress because I love the fabric (I have a tank made from the same fabric from a couple years ago), and I thought the zip front would be perfect for breastfeeding (seems like it would work well, but I didn’t test it.) This dress runs really big. I’m reliably a 4 in all Oiselle clothes, but this fit me like a tent. For reference, I’m 5’3”, 115 lbs, 32DD, with pretty robust thighs. It also seems a little see through.
I love Oiselle, but I’ll be returning this.

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