O-Mazing Power Shorts

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Compression shorts lovers: if you know, you know! That just-right fit is a combination of fabric, fit, and features. And these are a trifecta: Power Plya™ is thicker than our classic Plya, with all the support needed to hold you in. The fit of the legs have been thought through, providing more coverage in the back where needed. And our signature 360 degree pocket design makes it easy for you to store keys, fuel, or a phone -- front, back or side. Simply O-mazing for all activities, near and far.


• Interior drawcord
• 360 waistband pocket
• 5" inseam (all sizes)


• Power Plya (polyester / spandex)

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At Oiselle, our vision is to help all women feel strong and free through the joy of running. Our mission is to design great product, build the sisterhood, and improve the sport. May we all experience the transformative power of sports and community.

Customer Reviews

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I wanted to love them!

I read a good review for these shorts awhile back in Outside or Runner’s world. I finally purchased them recently. As soon as they arrived, I put them on and went for a run. They unfortunately started riding up right away. I was pretty uncomfortable most of the run— I spent the whole time trying to pull them down. I contacted customer service and they fortunately issued a gift card covering the cost of the shorts since this was my first purchase (thank you, Oiselle!). I would not recommend these for running.


I had really high hopes for these, but they fell a little short. I understand that there is double fabric required to make the waist pockets, but it added a lot of bulk and weight that I found uncomfortable, especially in the Miami heat/humidity. Also, they started riding up before I even made it around the corner, and ultimately made me cut my run short. Unfortunately I won't be able to wear these again.
I know it's been said before but I think it's worth mentioning again that the strict return/exchange policy has made it really hard for me to take a chance on new products. Many of us can vouch for the fact that we don't know if a product will suit us until we have road tested it. Now I am in a position where I spent $50 on shorts that I wore for 20 minutes and can never wear again. Sadly, this is not the first time this has happened. I would love to continue to support the Oiselle brand but unfortunately I can't continue to afford to.


I love these shorts! Ultra comfy and don’t ride

Size down if they ride up

I've run all summer in my 2-years old o-mazing stride shorts and they were riding up my legs - not too much, but enough to be annoying. Decided to size down, so I got these on sale. I have no idea if there's *any* difference between "o-mazing power shorts" and older "o-mazing stride shorts" - couldn't identify any. However, they do NOT ride up at all and are very comfortable. They'll be my go-to next year!

Not much compression, just enough that they stay in place. The waist band is great, flat and comfy.
No secure pocket, so I'd be a little concerned if I carried my car key in there, but I use my bra for that. I also have never lost anything (usually carrying tissues and lip balm). They would be PERFECT if they had a little zipped pocket *somewhere* like the dart knickers. Or a loop to attach a key ring.

Oh and more solid colors, pretty please?