Foldable roga cap updated and better than ever. The big comment from wear-testers on this design is how well it fits. And though it is small, it is also mighty. Reflective bird graphic for low light visibility, check. One-tug elastic closure, check. Small stash pocket, check check. And in a beautiful stretch woven in vibrant colors. This season we added a favorite feature: the foldable bill, for easy packing and stashing.

- nylon / spandex
- reflective bird design
- foldable brim for packing
- external pocket with zipper
- elastic barrel closure
- one size fits most
- spot wash

Customer Reviews

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Fits my tiny head!

I have finally found a hat that fits my tiny head. I have searched for years. The closest I ever got was the Trailheads cap, but it still was a bit too deep. This Oiselle roga cap is the perfect depth. It does not hit my ears and it cinches down nicely. I tuck the end of the cinch cord into the little zippered pocket on the side.

Fits my 20" head!

I took a chance on this hat and so glad I did! I wore it for a run with a slight wind out and it stayed put. I cinched it down almost all the way but it stayed on my 20" head, with my ponytail pulled through the gap! There is some extra fabric in the back that covered the top of my ponytail but it felt more true to size on my petite head than other hats that usually have a comical gap of fabric at the top. I am 5' tall.

It did feel a bit slippery in fabric but I appreciate how lightweight the material is for my 5 mile sweaty run. The brim is a bit long and narrow but will be great for keeping out but sun and rain in the pacific northwest changeable weather for many miles. Thanks oiselle! You should publish the head sizes for small hats.

Great hat & perfect size

I wore this during my first marathon this past weekend. It kept the sun & sweat out of my eyes, and the lemon color helped my family to spot me in the crowd. Most other running hats I've tried have been slightly too large for my average-sized head, but this fit perfectly. The one-tug elastic was great, too! I'll definitely be ordering more in other colors.

Seriously perfect

Never considered myself a “hat person” because of my small head lol. But I’m in love with this Roga cap!! I tried one and had to get a second. This was clearly made with love by runners to be the perfect cap: blindingly reflective details; little zip pocket; fabric doesn’t get hot yet works GREAT for rain; foldable brim for travel; super quick dry; no-fuss adjustments on the fly.

It’s served me well through high 80s+90% humidity and cool rain alike. I wasn’t sure about the “spot wash” but since this cap gets soaked by my profuse sweating, I couldn’t imagine not giving it a full clean. I hand wash it in a small tub with athletic detergent and it’s been working well for me. I’m careful not to crumple or fold the brim too much, and it gets submerged (and dries) without any problem. Gently wring (more of a ball-up-and-squeeze) the non-brim fabric and just shake off any water on the brim, then lay flat to air dry—and everything dries super quickly! If you have one of those washing machine cap cage things, I imagine you could toss it in for a cold wash then air dry. Anyway, might be helpful info for any other non-hat people out there :)

Amanda H.
Love this hat!

It fits snugly, but not too tight! And I love how lightweight it is. Please make it in white!!!

Laura T.
designed for women!

I LOVE this hat. I have a couple of hats from another women's athletic company, and they don't stay on my head and you can't adjust them to stay in place. This one stays right in place. It was perfect for my run in the rain, and I love how it folds. I will definitely be buying other colors, and replacing my other hats with this one!

Best Cap Ever!!!!!

I too have searched high and low for a cap that will fit my small head. This is my new forever cap!! The fit is PERFECT!!! It is so lightweight and comfy. I have 3 so far and my hope is that there will be even more colors to choose from. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Please do not change…it is perfect!!!

Finally a Hat for Small Heads!

I have spent a stupid amount of money and time trying to find a hat to fit my small head. It seems hats that advertise as being 53cm are not in fact 53cm. My head measures in at 54, so at the low end of "average" range, and way too small for one size fits all. This hat is stylish, super cute, stays on my head perfectly without looking like an awkward cross between a cowboy hat and a ball cap, AND it wicks away sweat in an unbelievable manner. I have two "gripes", and the first one is why I give this 4.5 stars instead of 5. 1: I wish the bill were a bit longer to hide my nose from the sun (no, I don't have a large nose, but the malleable structure of the cap means it doesn't stay low on your head, and your nose is left out in the sun). 2: The color selection is so limited. While I'm so happy to see a non-pink selection, and I love the blue color, if I want a second hat there aren't many color choices.

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