By: Kelly Wilson, Volée

I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant, about 7 months. As I work full time and also chase around a toddler, I haven't been able to run much these days. Although I'm not running, I still love to go for long walks or head to the local barre studio for a nice workout. Running while pregnant can be challenging, especially if you're used to running a certain pace, going a certain distance, or are used to training for specific events. 

When looking at styles to work with a growing baby belly, good long length in tops, and wide, forgiving waistband details are the things I focused on. Here are my top picks from this season! Special thanks to my daughter, modeling buddy.

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Meter Tights
These are my absolute favorite thing in the whole world to wear in this pregnancy. They are as comfortable as a pair of leggings, the piping is ultra flattering, and the waistband is very forgiving of my growing belly. I got my first pair when I was about 15 weeks pregnant and they are still going strong at 31 weeks! I think they will be amazing after pregnancy too in that wonderful transition time as my body re-adjusts to not being pregnant anymore. I really can't say enough great things about these tights. If you are pregnant, love Oiselle, and need a pair of tights, you will NOT regret this purchase!

Flash Long Sleeve
This is a great new item for the fall and I really love it. It has a larger bolt type design and is super soft and comfy. The length is really fantastic! Despite being 31 pregnant, I still have lots of length to spare that I'm sure will come in handy in the weeks and months to come! It is a great basic to add to the collection.


Flyte Long Sleeve
This is a Oiselle classic that I really can't live without. The length is nice and long that is accommodating of the growing baby belly. I love the design and I've fallen in love with the color violet this fall. If you don't already own the Flyte long sleeve, I highly recommend purchasing. You won't regret it for before, during, and after pregnancy.

Aero Capris
These are a new item this year and I love the ribbing detail. The fabric is a little lighter so they are great for when its too cold to wear shorts but you need a little extra coverage. The wide waistband is comfortable and if I undo the drawstring, I have even a little bit of extra room.  


Bolt Long Sleeve
I first fell in love with this top when seeing some of the elite birds sporting it around bird camp. Once it became available, I just knew I HAD to have it. The long sleeve design is not too tight on the arms and the length is great for the growing baby belly. I really really love this shirt and I wear it all. the. time.

Portman Pants
Again, the wide waistband is what makes these pants super comfortable. The material is warm and a little stretchy so you feel like you're wearing leggings. I think these will be great in the winter months and I might even try to get away wearing them to the office


Trials Hoodie
This is another Oiselle staple that has been around for a few years. The inside fleece is super comfy and soft and the sizing runs a little on the big side. For hooded sweatshirt purposes, that is pretty perfect. The sleeves are long, just like the length of the sweatshirt. It is perfect for lounging around, warming up after a cool run, or running errands.


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