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Meet Caroline and Emma 
These #twinning birds, Caroline and Emma, first met in real life at Great Lakes Birdcamp Michigan in 2016. Prior to this in person meeting, they had found and followed each other on instagram - Caroline's (@currentmile) adventures with her dog Albert and Emma's (@et_runhome) famous outfit of the day on Instagram! When they finally met at camp, there was an instant connection. 

After camp the two kept in touch via text, email, and met-up a few times over the course of the next year. They supported each other not just in running but in life, too. Emma kept encouraging Caroline in her dream to qualify for Boston while she was also faced with her dad's cancer diagnosis. Caroline was inspired daily by Emma's own fight with health issues and her pursuit for a half marathon PR. By the time they met again at Birdcamp in 2017, their friendship had become a sisterhood. 


Putting the full twinning to work, as the two prepped for Great Lakes Birdcamp in Michigan, the two decided to coordinate outfits and match each day of camp - even multiple outfits per day! 

Because these bird twins live in different states, they often plan outfits to match during long runs or challenging workouts. They send each other a text before starting and check in after the run and usually post pictures of the virtual twinning! This has helped them both to be accountable and have a lot of fun with hard workouts or runs - I mean look at all of those epic outfits!


"I cannot tell you how much my friendship with Emma has changed my life. I have a lot of running girlfriends in Cincinnati who I run with on a daily basis, but Emma is special. The friendship Emma and I have is genuine, she truly pushes me to be my best self in all facets of life. She makes my running more fun, as well as reminds me not to take myself too seriously. I am so grateful that Oiselle brought us together!" - Caroline 

"My friendship with Caroline is unlike any other friendship I have. She is always there to support me in my running goals and is an overall amazing friend in all aspects of my life. This past summer I was nervous about a 20 mile training run, so Caroline and I planned a #twinning #powersuit with matching Spandos Bras and Roga Shorts. At mile 16 or so, I just wanted to be done, but I made myself push through because I knew Caroline would be expecting my finishing text and a photo! Caroline has the perfect mix of pushing me when I need it and telling me it is okay to back off and take care of myself when that is best. She just gets me!" - Emma

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