Sarah Mac

Flipping through my high school cross country pictures I don’t recognize the runner me I see. How could I look so painfully awkward doing the one thing that made me forget how painfully awkward I was?


The pictures remind me of the hills, my team, my closest friends, the longest van rides, sugar highs, every inside joke, posters and collages and ribbons in braids, the year it snowed at State in Franklin Park and how bear cage hill was slick as ice, the time I missed the start with my friend and we chased the entire pack in sheer panic, apple runs, pancake runs, bees in the dusty first days of fall, popsicle stick place holders, pasta dinners, spray painted rocks, puddle jumping, picking out the perfect length spikes, elbows out at the starting line…

But the girl in the photos isn’t the “me” that I was in my mind. I was a beautiful mud scarred warrior. We all were. We weren’t skinny legs in split leg shorts, we weren’t braces on features too big…we were goddesses when we ran, wild and free.



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October 23, 2013 — sarah

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