andie cozzarelli

Raleigh, NC

Since: 2014

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hometown raleigh, north carolina


What is your favorite quote that guides, inspires, or embodies your training/racing/life?
Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.

What was your favorite sport in middle school?
Soccer. I grew up playing and it was my competitive outlet. I was small but I was determined to not let that make a difference. I would work on my footwork alone at home to make up for my size. Soccer taught me the value of hard work and how bad I hated to lose.  

Can you share your first sports bra experience?
I honestly don’t have much of an answer for this. I don’t remember when I got my first one but I’m guessing it was in middle school and was more to fit in than for necessity!  

What is your absolutely favorite piece of #flystyle and why?
I don’t know how to pick just one! I would have to say the Quill Jacket. Obviously not something I wear year round but in the winter months it is great to wear on really cold runs or out with friends. It goes with everything and is one of the warmest jackets I own and I hate being cold.  

If you could give one piece of advice to a 12 year old girl, what would it be? 
I know that the world may seem like it’s ending at times but I can assure you that it’s not. You decide how hard times affect you so face them with strength and remember that they are only temporary. Don’t take life too seriously and find the best in every situation. Reach out for help when you need and always remember what your passions are. Your worth is not determined by what you do or what people think of you.  

Tell us about your favorite place you have ever traveled to:
Italy. We went to Rome, the Amalfi Coast, & Florence and everywhere we went was beautiful. The people were welcoming and the food was amazing. Plus running around each place never ceased to amaze me! I could have taken a vacation from running while there but running allowed me to explore much more of each place so it was completely worth it!  

What alternative career do you fantasize about?
Being a registered sports dietitian and exercise scientist.  

What is your superpower?  

personal records

26.2 2:38:49
13.1  1:12:50
10k 33:26:45
5k 16:03:82
Road 5k 16:53
Mile 4:47