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Lauryn Williams is an American legend. She is the first American woman to have won a medal in both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games. A fierce sprinter (10.88 seconds for the 100m), Lauryn raced on four World Championship teams and 3 Olympic teams. She was the silver medalist in the 100m in the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece. After a stellar career, Lauryn retired from track and field in 2013, then took up Bobsledding. She was quickly selected to the women’s bobsled team, and with teammate Elana Meyers won the silver medal in the 2014 Olympic Games. Even while competing, Lauryn was also driven in other realms of life. After graduating from the University of Miami with a finance degree, Lauryn served as the athlete representative to the budget committee of the USATF for 3 years, and received her MBA from the University of Phoenix in 2009.

Lauryn is passionate about empowering athletes with financial literacy and stability. Her new company, Worth Winning, is a fee-only, completely virtual, comprehensive financial planning firm focused on serving millennials and professional athletes. Lauryn is a positive force in the world, and inspires not only through her actions, but also with her friendly smile and willingness to engage with her colleagues and fans. Lauryn also serves as an athlete ambassador for WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency working for clean sport.